A Guide To Preventing Hair Shedding

Having a good head of hair is an important part of their identity and self-esteem for people worldwide. However, many people struggle with hair loss and hair shedding. This is becoming more and more common. 

Hair shedding is a common but unwanted affliction that many people suffer from. There are many ways that you can prevent and avoid hair shedding and therefore avoiding embarrassing bald spots. 

Here are some solutions that can prevent your hair from shedding. 

Find Out Why


The most important thing to note when you are experiencing hair loss is finding out why your hair is shedding. If you are experiencing more hair loss than usual, you should try and see what changes you have made in your life that would cause your hair to fall out. 

Many things can cause hair loss, from stress to a bad diet, but figuring out which particular reason is the one that is causing your hair to shed will allow you to target the issue so that you can prevent hair loss in the future.  



If your hair loss is because of a lack of vitamins or minerals, it is probably best for you to try out some supplements. You can find supplements at any local pharmacy, and you should be able to ask the pharmacist which ones would be best for you. 

Taking supplements is something that you should consider carefully, especially if you are on other medications. Ensure that the supplements and any other medications you are taking can work together and won’t affect the efficacy of one another. 



Having a balanced diet is essential to being healthy. This is true for every area of your life. You need a blanched diet to have a healthy mind and body because the nutrients you get from a balanced diet feed your body and mind. 

Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help you to stop shedding your hair because you will have all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to help your hair grow strong without shedding. 

Avoid Stress 


Stress is a factor in your life that could ruin many good things for you, as when you are stressed, you cannot function in the same way as you would when you are not stressed. Stress is also something that could affect your hair.

If you have found that you are more stressed than usual and are experiencing hair loss more frequently, you might need to try and avoid stress to ensure that your hair stops shedding. 



Not everybody has time to wake up every morning and do their hair and makeup before they begin their day. It is, in fact, quite uncommon for people to style their hair every day. For this reason, many people opt for tight, updo-style hairstyles. 

However, these hairstyles can be damaging to your scalp and, therefore, your hair. If you are experiencing hair shedding and you wear tight hairstyles often, you should opt for looser hairstyles for a while. 

Avoid Chemical Processing 


Straightening, bleaching, and coloring your hair often involves chemical processing. While these processes are effective, they are also extremely harmful to your natural hair follicle and cause the hair to shed or break off. 

You may not be able to avoid chemical processes entirely. Still, you can ensure that you do not dye your hair more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural color and that you maintain the aftercare of your hair so that it stays as healthy as possible. 



If you are not eating a balanced diet, or even if you are and you lack a few vitamins, you can take vitamins in tablet form each day to supplement the vitamins that you lack from your diet. 

Doing this will ensure that you have all the vitamins your body needs to take care of your hair (and your skin – bonus!). You can ensure that you are getting the right vitamins by asking your pharmacist which is best to use for skin and hair care. 

Laser Therapy 


If you are experiencing hair shedding with seemingly no reason, or you have tried every other solution, and they haven’t worked, you can try cosmetic treatments that a qualified therapist can do. 

Laser therapy is an excellent option to regenerate hair growth and preventing your hair from shedding. A qualified therapist should only be done as it can be dangerous and should be handled with extreme care. 



Getting enough sleep is essential to your overall health, but it is also essential that you get enough sleep to shed your hair. Sleeping helps to regenerate your cells and regulate your hormones. 

When you get enough sleep, your body gets the chance to recharge, and you can rest assured that your body will have everything it needs to keep your hair nourished enough so that it does not fall out. 

Scalp Treatments 


You might find a myriad of different reasons why your hair is shedding, but one of the most common reasons that hair sheds and people experience hair loss is that their scalp is not healthy. 

Having a healthy scalp is essential to having healthy hair, as the roots of your hair are in your scalp. To ensure that you have a healthy scalp, it is a good idea to do a couple of scalp treatments a month to ensure your scalp is hydrated and happy.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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