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A Guide To Properly Exfoliating Your Body


September 02, 2021

Exfoliating your body is so important if you want to have soft and healthy skin all year round. Keeping your skin exfoliated and healthy during summer is important because more of your skin is visible, but taking care of your skin in winter is just as important.

One of the best ways to ensure that your skin is well taken care of is to exfoliate it no matter the season. Exfoliating and then moisturizing your skin is essential to beautiful and supple skin. However, we must make sure not to over-exfoliate. 

If you’re not sure just how much you should be exfoliating, here is a guide on properly exfoliating your body


Just like working out, there is not a time in the day when you shouldn’t be exfoliating. However, there are certain times when it is more effective and beneficial to exfoliate your body than others. 

Your skin repairs itself at night, so exfoliating in the morning means that you will be exfoliating a layer of dead skin off of your body that has built up overnight. You will then moisturize your fresh skin left behind. 


Many people have told me that I should be exfoliating outside of the bath or the shower before I have wet my skin. I have tried it, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference, and my research for this article explained why that is. 

You should exfoliate while you are in the shower because the warm water beating down on your skin softens it enough to be able to come off without much force. If you apply too much force, you stand the chance of damaging your skin.

Ensure that you stand under the water for 7-10 minutes so that your pores open up sufficiently for the new skin to come through. 


Every area of your body is important to exfoliate. There is no single area that is less important than another, but there are areas where the skin is harder than others and therefore requires a little more attention than the rest of your body. 

Two of these areas are your feet and your elbows. You can use harsher exfoliants to scrub the dead skin away from these areas. You can use a sugar scrub for your elbows, and for your feet, you can use something like a pumice stone. 

Bottom Line


Exfoliating your body will ensure that your skin is soft and supple and that you are not carrying around any dead skin that might be clinging on after your skin has repaired itself while you were sleeping. 

It is also important that you moisturize your skin as soon as you have completed your exfoliation routine so that your skin will stay soft even after you have exfoliated.