A Guide To Repairing And Maintaining Sibling Relationships

Sibling relationships are some of the most complicated relationships we will ever experience in our lives. Siblings can genuinely hit a nerve that nobody else can and take you to heights of anger and frustration that you didn’t know you had. 

However, this conflict can often cause sibling relationships to become extremely strained and leave people feeling like they can’t speak to their siblings in the same way any longer. 

We have compiled this guide that might help you to reconnect and stay connected with your sibling. 

Leave The Past In The Past


You and your sibling might share many wounds from your childhood or issues that have long passed. While it is difficult to forgive and forget, it is essential when you are trying to rebuild your relationship with your siblings. 

Leaving your issues that happened in the past will enable you both to begin building a new relationship from the ground up. It may be an entirely new relationship, but that’s okay. As long as it is a healthy relationship, you have all you could wish for.

Good Manners 


Often we think that simply because our siblings are our siblings, we can say and do things that we never ordinarily would to anybody else. Remember that your sibling is a person, too, and needs the same level of respect as everybody else. 

You wouldn’t tell a stranger that they looked terrible in their outfit, and you should practice the same mercy on your siblings. Doing this will allow your sibling to feel loved and respected by you instead of rejected and attacked. 



Think about any of your genuinely great friendships in life and find the common denominator between them all. It is most likely short, informal, and frequent contact. Having the same kind of contact with your sibling will undoubtedly strengthen your bond. 

Text your sibling regularly. There is no need for hour-long conversations; simple check-ins or a funny meme now and again will do the trick. It will allow you both to feel like you have something in common. 

Avoid Touchy Subjects 


If you and your sibling do not agree on politics, lifestyle choices, or maybe even cell phone service providers, avoid talking about those subjects with or around your sibling. Doing this will ensure that no arguments erupt. 

Steering clear of touchy subjects will allow you both to find common ground with one another without conflict ruining it all. Doing this will allow you to rebuild your relationship much faster, too. 

No Jealousy


Jealousy truly is a monster, and it can ruin many good things simply because you don’t think that they are good enough. Knowing that your sibling relationship is different from everyone else’s and that you don’t know what goes on in other houses behind closed doors means that you will be much more at peace with your sibling relationship. 

Try not to compare your sibling relationship with somebody else’s. There can be families you look up to, but don’t compare yourself to them and feel jealous about their relationships. You cannot compare because you do not know their whole story.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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