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A Guide To Shaking Off A Bad Day


April 24, 2021

A series of unfortunate events can add to a terrible day at work, a spat with your loved one or family. We all have days that could deal us a better hand but leaning into it and labeling it a bad day can actually do you more harm than good.

Listen, after a particularly terrible day, you may want to rush home to cry or wallow in self-pity. However, that is counterproductive and will not make your problems go away any faster. You can still restore your day and have things turn around for the better.

Shaking off a lousy day ensures you have a better tomorrow despite the things that brought you down. From a spa day to reading a book, we have curated ten steps you can take to shake off a bad day.

Create A Coping Mechanism 

The first step to shaking off a bad day is to develop a healthy coping mechanism as a response. After getting home, do not dwell on the issue. Give yourself an hour without your phone and begin to do something that calms you down. For instance, cooking, listening to a podcast, or whatever else your fancy. Remember, the point is to relax.


Next, how about you combat negative emotions with positive emotions? If you have podcasts, stand-ups, or TV series that always make you laugh, it's time to tap into that. Moreover, do not use your phone or begin to use your computer. Relax and enjoy the moment.

Read A Book

Reading might seem like an exercise in effort after experiencing a bad day. Your thoughts may be everywhere. However, reading is an excellent way to shake off all that negative energy from a bad day.

Reading has been proven to reduce stress levels and boost your brainpower. So pick up a good read, especially something super escapist like a romance novel. You will, later on, realize how much negative energy has melted off you.

Take A Bath/Shower

Bring the spa in. Slip into a relaxing bath or shower. Make sure it is nice and warm, and consider using a special bath bomb or shower gel you had been saving up for. Moreover, why no give your scalp a good wash, exfoliate your body and luxuriate in the warm water soaking away the bad vibes.

Try A Change Of Scenery

While it might be tempting to rush straight home and wallow in your anger face down on your bed or couch, consider changing gears. Instead of going home, stop by a park, a restaurant, or somewhere that interests you. Expect a total reset.

Work Up A Sweat

Depending on your ability, getting n a good sweat will help you get that blood pumping for the better. Why waste a perfectly good day? Schedule around 15 minutes to walk, bike, or jog. The fogginess of the rough day will clear right up.

Plan Out The Next Day

Instead of tackling the following day without a plan, get structured and write it down. By setting easily achievable goals for the next day, you gain some control over the things that got you down. Besides, you will be able to have a more goal-oriented day that ensures you get things done.

Do Your Skincare

You might have already clocked it, but self-soothing is the key to shaking off a bad day. Let out all your negative energy with a self-care session. We are talking the whole bells and shingles. Do the ten-step Korean routine with a strong focus on massage. Afterward, you will feel and look a whole lot better.

Call A Loved One


We don't know about you but furiously texting a friend or a loved one sounds and seems taxing. Think of the spelling errors and the incomprehensible words. Your loved one may note your distress, but you might still feel all that pent-up anger just boiling in your veins.

Call a friend or your mum or your significant other and sound off. Go ahead and swear, cry, scream if you have to. Feel all the feelings without shame. You will find yourself a little calmer afterward or even receive good advice.

Tidy Up

Lastly, there's nothing worse than escalating a lousy day by sending a text, email, or picking up a call to say thing something you might regret later on. We are looking to calm our bad day, not extend it. Therefore, by getting your body moving and your mind preoccupied, you will find some clarity in thought.