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A Guide To Tapping Into Your Intuition


April 21, 2021

Our intuition is profoundly valuable to us and integral to navigating our way through life. Learn to hear and follow your trusty guide.

Your intuition, or gut feeling" is that inner voice that's constantly trying to guide you through life. It bypasses logic or intellect, which in some cases can mislead or prove inaccurate, in efforts to draw you toward a favorable situation.

Listening to your inner voice can make you more empathetic and connected you with your instincts. On the other hand, not being in touch with your intuition and instead of being led by fear (and its incarnate ego) or other people can contribute to feeling lost. Here's a guide on how to find, zero in, and trust that steady voice:


Take a moment out of your day, even if you have a few minutes a day to "find yourself." You can hone in on the awareness of your inner voice and your body through meditation. For a few moments in your day, sit comfortably and just breathe while you internally scan your body from head-to-toe, becoming aware of tension and ease.

Allow thoughts that you may associate with specific areas to come and go while staying connected to your breath. You may adopt a mantra. The more aware you are of your body, you can start to tap into the inner world.


While sometimes the aim is to find stillness in the quiet, sometimes you find clarity by moving, and the balance of both is what the body thrives on.

You can find movement in exercise to shift around stagnant energy. However, the practice of swaying can help you find that voice.

Body Sway

Standing with your legs hip-width apart, gently sway back and forth, feeling where most of your body weight is on the soles of your feet. Then recenter yourself to a stance that feels like your weight is an equal balance.

Think of something good for you, like water, and see how your body sways in response. Continue to think of different things and see how they cause either a forward or backward motion which can show your body repelling by shifting backward to something "negative" or forward for the perceived opposite.

Regular Journaling

Journaling allows you to comb through your thoughts and feelings. This can help you process some of the things that are happening within and around you.

The more attuned you become to your intuition, you might realize that it "answers" some of your questions. Focus on your inner compass.


Practice Listening

When conversing with others, try to listen more attentively to gather what they're saying, implying, and process. You should practice presence in the conversation. Listen for the sake of hearing instead of the goal of responding or rebutting what others say.