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A Guide To The Least Painful Tattoo Spots On Your Body.


September 01, 2021

Alright, I recently got a tattoo on my ribcage after having had tattoos done elsewhere on my body, and I have to say that while I was a trooper with the other tattoos, the one on my ribcage nearly sent me into another dimension with the pain.

It got me thinking about which places on your body are the least susceptible to pain when it comes to having a tiny needle poke your skin over and over again until you have a pretty picture nestled into the first layer of your skin.

I decided that it would be the perfect thing to share with the WomanlyLive readers, so here are the least painful places on your body to get a tattoo.


Okay, I know what you're thinking, and before I started researching, I had no idea that fingernail tattoos were a thing either, but they are. Fingernail tattoos are a thing and apparently completely painless.

You might think that having a tiny needle poking into your fingernail would be some of the worst pain that you could ever feel. Still, apparently, you barely feel anything at all because it is simply being tattooed into the keratin layer of your fingernail.


Personally, this one shocked me too. Whenever I have done waxing or laser hair removal, my calves were one of the most sensitive places on my body, and I was wriggling around the treatment bed like a large but very squirmish snake.

However, apparently, your calves are one of the places where it will hurt the least when getting a tattoo. This is because there are very few nerve endings in your calves, and it is cushioned with flesh, muscle, and fat.


I have seen so many people with shoulder tattoos and thought it was simply because it was an excellent placement for a tattoo that you would want everybody to see. Still, I'm starting to understand that it's because it's one of the least painful places to have a tattoo.

The shoulders are one of the least painful areas because they have fewer nerve endings, resulting in the tattooing process being more uncomfortable than painful.


Ear tattoos are not a very popular tattoo placement. I have often seen people with tattoos behind their ears, but the actual ear is not something I have seen around very much. However, it is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo on your ear is less painful because it is tattooed directly onto your cartilage, and the tattoos in this area can only be small, which means much less discomfort than a larger tattoo.


Alright, here I'm not talking about the inside of your thigh that feels as though it might rip to shreds simply by looking at it. I'm talking about your outer thigh that is the star of all your sexy bikini photos.

The outer thigh is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo because few nerve endings in this area and the outer thighs are excellent at tolerating pain.


Not many people will have the courage to get a tattoo on their butt for many reasons, but if you're one of the brave ones, then this is a tattoo that you should seriously consider because of how little pain you will feel.

Your butt is well cushioned with a load of flesh and fat which protects your bones perfectly and ensures that the entire tattooing process is much more comfortable, no matter the tattoo's size.


Many people have tattoos on their forearms, and, once again, I assumed that this was because it was the perfect placement for people to show their tattoos off, but it might also be because it is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo.

Once again, I am talking about the outer forearm because the inner parts of all of our limbs are naturally more sensitive. Getting a tattoo on your outer forearm is less painful because of the minimal nerve endings, be sure to avoid your wrists, though.


Bicep tattoos are some of the sexiest tattoos that you will ever see on both men and women. There is something about them that oozes confidence and sex appeal, and best of all, they're some of the least painful.

Your bicep naturally has more cushion to absorb the pain from the needle and is the general choice for first-timers because it allows you to get a larger tattoo without worrying too much about the pain.

Upper Back


In general, your back is one of the places on your body where you feel the least pain. You could do a million things to your back, and the only thing that would be painful is sitting weird at your desk because you're an elder millennial.

For this reason, the back (especially the upper back) is the perfect place for you to get a tattoo because you will feel very little pain and discomfort while you are getting it done.


You have seen those delicate little wrist tattoos that look as if fairies have come down and run them into your skin themselves; they're adorable. They're also some of the least painful tattoos to get.

Wrist tattoos are some of the least painful tattoos you can get because the area is not at all boney, and the skin is much thinner than other spots on your body. Tattoos in this area are also generally smaller, making them less painful.