A Guide To Things You Don't Actually Need At Your Wedding

Apr 05, 2021
03:00 A.M.
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Planning a ceremony can be a stressful process. Now take something like a wedding and double the pressure times three. With weddings scaling down, you might find yourself doing it all by yourself, lost at what to prioritize.


Trying to please everyone can be difficult. It’s easy to feel pressure when thinking back to the fantastic wedding you previously attended and having to say no to your mother’s big dreams. If you aren’t careful, things can quickly get out of hand, with severe implications on your budget.

Whether you have a planner or not, you can achieve a special ceremony without breaking the bank. The trick is to let go of the non-essentials, that is, things people will never care to remember. Use our guide below and start crossing out that list.

Personalized Party Favors


Party favors are one of the most forgotten items at a wedding. Especially if they are super personalized and your guests cannot relate to them. If you’re not sure what we are talking about, think of tote bags printed with your initials and the wedding date.

As thoughtful as it is, your guests might not want to be walking around with monograms of your wedding (maybe only your mom). If you can’t bear to watch your guests walk away empty-handed, choose something universal that is edible, like sweets or food.

Save The Date Cards


It’s time to go digital. Don’t be afraid to skip this step, as people won’t cry about not having another card to stick onto their fridge. This is especially true for the envelopes as they are the first to be tossed onto the bin.

This will come in handy if you have budget constraints. Having the invite look extra means the additions will be pricey. Alternatively, sending people e-cards will have you saving precious pennies to put towards something else.

Assigned Seating Charts


If you’re crunched for time, you don’t need to spend hours creating a seating chart. Nobody will kill you for it. We aren’t saying having assigned seating is terrible. It removes the pressure from having to locate a table.

More so, assigned seating is great as people are more comfortable knowing they would be next to someone they know. However, it is not a necessity. We are pretty sure your guests will navigate just fine if you have sufficient seating.

Champagne Toast For Everyone


A wedding is something to toast to, but it is not essential to share the same drink with everyone. This can put a significant dent in your budget as some people might not drink at all, or for some, a glass of bubbly is not their drink of choice.

The goal is not to have any leftover glasses of champagne as those will be wasted bottles. If you must offer champagne, let people have it as an optional drink. When having the moment of the big toast, allow people to toast to the drink they already started with.

An Elaborate White Wedding Dress


We are all for making wise financial decisions. That means investing big bucks on a dress for one-time use is not a great idea. For instance, having an expensive ball gown dress with an eight-inch train might be challenging to pull off on a different occasion.

If that’s your cup of tea, no judgment. However, if it is not, don’t be afraid to shop around. The wedding industry has changed, and inexpensive good quality dresses are easily accessible. Also, they will last you a lifetime as they can easily be worn on other occasions.

An Expensive Florist


Flowers are not cheap, and trying to impress your guests with unique flower arrangements will only leave your wallet in tears. However, what if we told you you could get the best of both worlds?

Try getting some statement flowers and filling out the rest of the arrangement with inexpensive blooms. Alternatively, opt for unconventional pieces such as pampas grass, colorful sand, or fragrant plants such as eucalyptus as your centerpiece items.

The Rehearsal Dinner


With weddings scaling down, a rehearsal is not that important. We understand a wedding is a special day in someone’s life. Therefore the day should be nothing short of perfect. As difficult as it may be to relax, you might have to rethink this one.

Scheduling a day before the big day is time-consuming, and we are pretty sure your bridal team knows how to walk down the aisle. Besides, people can acclimatize themselves to the venue in the morning. This will save you a ton of stress before the wedding date.