A Guide To Using Face Toner

Daniella Segell
Aug 27, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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There is a multitude of different skin care routines out there that it is often hard to keep up with each of them. Each person has their own way of caring for their skin, and we are constantly being introduced to new types of skincare trends.


However, one thing that remains constant is that you should always have a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a toner. Cleansers and moisturizers are pretty self-explanatory, but there seems to be a grey area for toners.

We’re going to be talking about how you should be applying your toner in your skincare routine.

What Is Toner Used For


We all want flawless skin with an even complexion and no lumps or bumps anywhere. For some, this comes easily by simply keeping a consistent skincare regime, but it is a little more difficult for others to achieve.

This is where toner has its time to shine. Generally, toner is used to even out the skin tone and ensure that your skin is prepped for any moisturizer or serum you might apply after washing your face.


In the same way that so many other skincare products have come a long way from the bar of soap and aqueous cream that some of the older women in our life used, toner has come a long way in terms of what it offers the skin.

It used to be that toners were only used by teens looking to combat oily skin but have advanced to the point that they now treat several skincare concerns, from anti-aging to controlling acne breakouts.


Toners can also help to remove harsh chemicals that are found in tap water that might throw off the pH balance of your skin. Toners will help to return your skin to a healthy 5.5 on the pH scale for glowing skin.

How To Use Toner Correctly


Many people who have not been using toner throughout their lives might have thought up until now that it was not a necessary skincare step and therefore have no idea where to start using it.

This is not exclusive to those who have never used toner, though. Many people who have been using toner for a long time have been using it incorrectly and are therefore not reaping the full benefits of it.

After washing your face, you should apply some toner to a cotton pad and then wipe the cotton pad along your face, neck, and chest. Ensure that you have covered the entire area, and then you can move on to applying moisturizers or serums.