A Guide To Using Foam Rollers In Your Workout Routine

Apr 02, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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As one of the most popular forms of self-manual tool to release muscle tension, muscle imbalance, and overuse, foam rollers can help you to increase flexibility and ease muscle soreness.


Foam rollers are generally targeted at people who exercise regularly and athletes. But this has changed lately. Working-from-home people are now part of the target market as well — foam rollers can help those who spend long hours sitting at a desk as well.

Whether you’re an amateur athlete or someone who is looking for ways to increase flexibility, we’ve done this comprehensive and simple guide to using foam rollers at home.


Upper Back


Lie with the foam roller under your back and under your shoulder blades. Begin to roll the foam roller roll along the thoracic spine area of the upper back.

Place your hands at the top of your leg and hold your head upright—ensuring your chin is not crushed into your chest.



Sit down and place the foam roller under your upper thighs. Lift your body and take your weight in your hands. Then roll down your hamstrings one leg at a time from your bottom to your knee.

Foam roll your hamstrings before your workout routine or after spending sitting all day and participating in activities like running and cycling.

IT Band


Lie down and place the foam roller underneath the side of your quad muscle. Place the foot of the opposite leg across the leg you are rolling.

Take your weight in your upper body and roll back and forth along the outer thigh from above your knee to just below your hip.



Lie down facing the floor with the roller placed under your thighs. You can choose to roll both of your quads at the same time or one leg at a time.

Prop yourself up on your elbows and roll forward and back from above your knee to your hip.



To start with just one leg, sit down and extend one leg straight out in front of you and place the foam roller under that calf. Bend your other leg and extend your arms behind you.

To roll both legs at the same time, extend both legs in front of you and use your arms to lift your weight off the floor and roll the foam roller.