A Guide To Using Gray Water

As people become more environmentally conscious, it is crucial that we take a look at all that we can do to aid in the fight against climate change and the race to save our Earth. It is something that more and more people are becoming aware of. 

For this reason, people are beginning to look for ways in which they contribute in any small part to the causes and make a change for the better. One of the best ways to do this is to conserve water and limit water usage in your day-to-day life. 

That’s why WomanlyLive has decided to discuss some creative ways to use gray water

What Is Gray Water? 


Gray water is any lightly used water that you have used once in your household. Most times, right after using water, it goes down the drain. However, gray water is the act of collecting that water that would ordinarily go down the drain and using it for other purposes around the house. 

Doing this ensures that you limit your water usage and can still perform all the daily tasks that you do that require water. Gray water can be collected in showers, baths, or dishwater. Any water that has been lightly used is gray water and should be collected rather than flushed down the drain. 


Using gray water not only benefits the environment but teaches your family how to live more sustainably and allows your children to learn how to save resources from a young age.

How To Use Gray Water


You can use gray water from your bathtub, shower, or dishwater to water your garden. You can either do this by manually collecting the water and then using that water to water your plants or fruit trees. 

You can also get a customized Laundry to Landscape system that automatically diverts your gray water from your laundry and dishwater into your garden. However, if you are doing the process manually, you should never allow the gray water to sit for longer than 24 hours. 


Recently there have been some incredible inventions in terms of gray water with systems like a sink attached to the toilet so that the water that you wash your hands with flushes the toilet. However, these systems can be pretty pricey and inaccessible. 

You can even turn using gray water into a family affair and get your kids to help you collect it and then water the garden. Doing this will give your children a sense of importance and responsibility in the household while still being fun.


There is no need to change your entire life; you can simply do what works for you as any small part will impact the cause. If you would prefer not to flush your toilets with sink water, that is okay if you want to collect gray water manually; that’s great! All you need to do is make small steps towards helping the environment in this way.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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