A Guide To Using Your ADHD To Your Benefit

While ADHD can make life a whole lot harder, there are some benefits. You just have to figure out how you can channel your ADHD and use it to your advantage for success!

 It’s frustrating to live with ADHD, especially as an adult. You try your best to find the focus to get your work done but sometimes it’s just a lot easier said than done!

Some of the traits of ADHD line up quite well with the traits you’d need for entrepreneurship! While some traits can make it difficult for you to maintain an office job, it’s pretty helpful at getting the creative juices flowing!

High energy


It’s no secret that people with ADHD struggle to sit still all day. It feels like you need to get up and do something all the time! Don’t force yourself to sit still. Channel that energy, and put it to use.

Entrepreneurship means you have to stay on your toes and keep working at everything to keep your business successful. It’s a great way to channel that energy and put it to use, and it keeps you improving your business!

Risk takers


People with ADHD take dangerous risks, but as an entrepreneur, it works out for them! They’re able to process the danger of the risk and make a success out of it!



Large tasks can be overwhelming, and breaking it up into smaller bits helps you get it done! It’s a technique used by people with ADHD to make progress without getting distracted. By focusing on the smaller things, they’re able to pay attention to detail!

“People with ADHD struggle to fit into “normalcy” their whole lives.” Dr. Neo

You also quickly learn how to solve problems and doing it creatively because sometimes the most conventional way is just not logical for you. A different perspective can create new opportunities and improvements all around!



ADHD means your mind is always busy; while you can get distracted easily, it can help when you’re working towards the same goal! And while working on multiple things simultaneously can leave room for error, you’ll quickly learn to rectify mistakes you make.

Work under pressure


Pressure doesn’t deter someone with ADHD; deadlines are just a goal to work towards! Obstacles are just something you have to find a way around, much like you do your whole life when you have ADHD!

While you might feel like you’ve been dealt a tough hand in life, there’s always a way around it. You can channel your ADHD into getting ahead in your career all because you give it your all!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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