A Guide To Using Your Phone To Create Healthy Habits

We know how addicted we’ve become to our phones. We use them for everything, even to escape our loneliness! But as much as the device comes with its flaws, we can use it to create healthy habits for ourselves!

As much as our devices have helped us gain access to each other around the world, it often gets a bad rep because too much of a good thing can be bad for you! From bad grades to poor communication, our phones take the blame for our bad habits.

Our phones can become overwhelming spaces because we’re consuming and processing loads of information all the time! By creating positive experiences for ourselves, we can turn our bad habits into positive ones.

1. Make Use Of The Screen Time Function


We all know we spend too much time on specific apps. Many of us find ourselves spiraling down the TikTok feed for hours on end, and if your screen time is monitored on your device, you can tell just how much time you’re spending online!

But you can use your screen time function to set a limit for yourself on the apps you feel you spend too much time using. This will take a lot of restraint, and you might need to find distraction tools because you can enter your passcode and bypass the time limit.

2. Use Your Platform To Inspire Yourself


Social media has been cast in a bad light because of how altered our reality can become through filters. People are always sharing their best moments and experiences, and it can make us depressed.

Making a positive post in the morning can set the tone for your day and make your social media platform can be turned into a positive space for yourself! You can post things that inspire and motivate you to become the person you want to be!

3. Follow Online Workouts

If you spend a lot of time sitting and watching videos, online workout videos can help turn the sitting into a healthy workout. There are plenty of video workouts on YouTube that you can try, be it yoga, cardio, or even weight training!

4. Make Use Of Your DND

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Your phone has a do not disturb function, which you can use when you’re trying to get some shut-eye or even to get some work done! It saves you from checking your phone every time you get a notification, and you can use your time to focus on other important things!

5. Plan Your Time

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Your phone is equipped with a nifty calendar that you can use to schedule your days. You can set aside times to check your emails, work out, and even scroll through your social media.

Scheduling time for everything makes sure that your day is not purely spent replying to emails forgetting to eat, or workout! It also allows you to find the time for the things you’ve struggled to do, like cooking your own dinner!

6. Talk about it

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Sharing your experience can be a way to encourage you to stay on track, and it can even motivate others to do the same. Talk about your experiences and celebrate your achievements because it will help you stick to these good habits!

7. Reward Yourself

When you feel like you’ve done great, reward yourself! Even if it is something as small as getting that iced coffee you’ve been craving all morning! If you’re sticking to the plan, claim your reward!

Remember not to be too restrictive. Some days you’ll spend more time on an app than you’ve intended, but that’s okay. The point is not to make a habit of it, so don’t beat yourself up for minor mistakes!

8. Break Bad Habits

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There are plenty of apps on your respective devices app store that can help you break any bad habits. You can turn to your app when you’re about to do something you want to stop doing.

If you’re trying to stop yourself from overthinking, some apps help guide you through meditation techniques and clear your mind. Find something that is the right fit for your needs!

Over the last year, we’ve become more reliant on our phones, and for some of us, that means we’ve been unable to break away from our phones. But by using the features our phone has, we can turn our experiences into better ones for our own wellbeing!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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