A Look At Some Of The Best Bronzers For Summer

Jun 23, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Facial bronzer is a perfect solution when you want to add a touch of shine to your complexion, create a natural tanned skin effect, or shape facial features; just lightly dust with a bit of product. Try applying it only on those parts of the face where the sun's rays fall most often or use it all over the face to create the effect of a fresh summer tan.


Finding a good face bronzer is a challenge. The market is flooded with an avalanche of cosmetic products. However, we have managed to track down some of the best you can buy on the market.

From matte to slightly shimmering, from those that create the illusion of a tan to those suitable for contouring, choose the best bronzer that's right for you.

La Mer Bronzing Powder


Streaked with micro-reflections, La Mer's velvety bronzing powder creates a luminous glow as if kissed by the sun. It is formulated with the vitamin-rich Miracle Broth elixir to maintain a nourished and hydrated complexion with each stroke.

Blended on the points of the face most exposed to the sun, it creates a fresh sea tan. Alternatively, it is ideal for sculpting and delicately contouring the lines of the face.

YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones


This is an impalpable and silky earth bronzer with a matte finish for a natural brightness without shine. Formulated with prism technology, it has an impalpable texture that offers an instantly luminous and natural result, giving the skin a feeling of ultra lightness and intense comfort.

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder


Givenchy reinvents its Healthy Glow Powder, launching it in a limited edition enriched with a pearly highlighter. Two intertwined textures create a marble pattern, leaving a shimmering and luminous veil on the skin for a healthy-looking complexion and a buildable finish.

Chanel Les Beiges Summer Of Glow


A soft-focus effect gel-cream that hides imperfections and makes the skin naturally tanned and smooth. In a matte finish, it is a must-have all year round and an essential in summer. The beauty house proposed two colors.

Guerlain Terracotta Light Bloom Illuminating Bronzer

This is a special limited edition product that combines bronzer with a warm touch of blush and highlighter. You can mix the proposed shades to create a bonne mine look or separated to give life to a perfectly natural sculpt with a luminous flush.

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