A Look At The Most Memorable Moments From ‘That 70s Show’

What’s one thing Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Wilmer Valderrama have in common? We’ll give you a hint; it had eight successful seasons on FOX.

If you guessed ‘That 70s show’ instantly, you’re probably aware that they’ve taken the comedy off Netflix. Fans are distraught over the decision that was made over licensing issues. 

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We may not have the show readily available to stream, but we have eight seasons of great memories. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite That 70s Show moments.

Red Bonds with Steven Hyde

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Steven Hyde was the rebellious pain in the butt for most of season one. His family life was never fully disclosed, but audiences were aware that there were no authoritative figures in his life.

The crew later found out that Hyde’s parents abandoned him. He went on to live with The Formans for a while. Hyde’s time at the Forman’s home came to an end, and by then, he and Red had already bonded. They said their goodbyes with a touching silent hug.

Red’s Octo-burn

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Red has a way with his words, and in one episode, he attacked Eric’s confidence eight times in one line. Donna was the one to come up with the term ‘octo-burn.’ This was after Steve mentioned that Red strung together eight insults at once.

Jackie Becomes Yoko Ono

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Eric is less than impressed with Jackie’s choice to move on with Hyde when she and Kelso break up. Jackie sees no problem with her decision as it’s her business. To this response, Eric likens Jackie to John Lennon’s wife, Yoko, and alludes to her, separating “the band” because of her actions. 

Eric Loves Cake

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Eric and Donna’s relationship is hilarious to watch as Eric continuously messes things up. His lack of romance becomes evident when he shares his reply to Donna, saying she loves him. 

Eric famously revealed, “Donna told me she loves me, and then I told her I loved cake…”. This moment can never be forgotten, especially by the couple who has to forever live with that embarrassment.

Leo’s Sudden Exit

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Leo and Hyde became as thick as thieves once Hyde took up a job at the Photo Hut. The pair grew a close bond that Leo even gifted Hyde with his old car at some point. 

Their close-knit relationship came to a sudden halt when Leo skipped town without saying goodbye. This exit was a devastating moment for Hyde, who felt abandoned once again.

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Siba Mosana

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