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A Simple Guide Reading People's Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication


April 25, 2021

What if you could get what people are saying even if they don’t say a word? Learn how to read body language and decipher the non-verbal signs. 

Our bodies can tell a story without us even having to say a single thing. From facial movements to how we sit down on a chair, we’re constantly communicating through non-verbal communication. 

However, there’s a difference between intentional and unintentional body language. If someone rolls their eyes or yawns, you know what that means, and that’s called intentional. On the other hand, unintentional body communication can be harder to pick. So, here’s a simple guide on the meaning behind subtler body language. 

What’s Body Language and Non-verbal Communication?

Non-verbal communication is a way to express a piece of information or emotions without using any spoken words. Body language is a way of communicating in this way, and it can include everything from facial expression, hand signal, posture, and so on.

Before deciding what someone is trying to say by the expression, bear in mind that body language isn’t universal, and you should consider a few things like cultural and psychological differences.

Arms and Legs

People may use their arms and legs to make instinctive movements, thus expressing emotions such as anxiety and vulnerability when arms are crossed.

But interestingly enough, it can also mean something else. When someone is smiling, seems relaxed, and their arms are crossed, they’re probably feeling confident.

Look At Their Movement

If someone is moving more than they usually should, then it might be a sign of nervousness. If they’re jiggling their leg or foot, walking around the room, moving their hands too much, and chewing on the lips, they might be getting the jitters.

The Eyes Can Speak Too

Someone’s gaze can say a lot about their mood. For instance, if you’re talking to someone at a restaurant and they're constantly looking at the food, they might be more interested in eating. Someone looking towards the exit may want to leave.


Posture is Everything

Posture can often lead to some insights into a person’s feelings or mood. For example, leaning into someone shows interest, standing straight with hands-on-hips can suggest excitement and confidence. Standing straight with hands by the side might mean the person is willing to listen.