Angelina Jolie Openly Addresses Gender Based Violence

The coronavirus lockdown has been tough on everyone for several reasons. Mental health concerns linger as we draw close to a second lockdown and domestic abuse victims fear their lives. 

It is no secret that gender-based violence plagues the entire world at the moment. Many women and children suffer abuse from the hands of their loved ones, making their homes unsafe spaces. 

Unfortunately, lockdown requires these victims to shack up with their abusers, putting their lives at risk. Angelina Jolie recently spoke out on this terrible issue and offered her advice to scared abuse victims. 

The Rise Of Gender-Based Violence

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Although one would think that gender-based violence would decrease in the modern world, unfortunately, it hasn’t. Instead, studies and reports show a shocking increase in domestic violence claims over the past year. 

The global pandemic has forced women all over the world to stay in with abusive partners and relatives. Although this occurrence may have amplified cases and reports, we cannot solely blame it for these actions. 

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Times magazine shares that less than 1% of international humanitarian assistance is contributed to this issue. Sexual and gender-based violence programs are simply not a priority to many governments. 

There are still laws that allow dictation over women’s bodies and rights in many countries. This entitlement over women sets a misogynistic example to men worldwide, thus uplifting violence against women. 

16 Days Of Activism 

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The United Nations has kicked off their annual 16 days of activism against violence towards women and children. This year the UN shared a shocking statement that reveals the dire state of abuse against women.

In their statement, the UN revealed that decades of work against gender-based violence was undone in 2020. The organization shares devastating statistics that can send a chill down any woman’s spine. 

“gains on gender equality risk being reversed by decades,”

Says The UN COVID19 Report

Findings show that male partners abused 243 million women and young girls over this year. These are only the women who were brave enough to admit to their abuse as well. 

The UN also shares a perspective that makes us lose some hope in society. The organization reveals that 15 million women and girls faced gender-based violence for every three months of the lockdown period. 

Angelina Jolie’s Input

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Angelina, an avid social justice advocate, makes a rare public appearance to speak on this matter. The star may have privileges that other women do not have, but her empathy extends beyond her experience. 

“The truth is, a woman’s life does not rank equally with a man’s, far more universally than we are willing to admit,”

Says Angelina Jolie
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Angelina’s stern words address the world’s state and how much our leaders are willing to do for women. She also calls out political leaders for their half baked efforts at addressing gender inequality. 

Lastly, she shares comforting words to women who fear for their lives this holiday season. The actress stresses the importance of finding allies to stay connected to in case of an emergency and for support. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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