Apartment Hunting: Tips To Help Young Female Buyers Pick The Perfect Place

Finding your first place after spending years at home and in college dorms can be a grueling experience. It’s even worse when you have to do it alone and have no idea what your budget can afford you. 

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Landlords can often spot an amateur from a mile away and take advantage of their cluelessness. We’ve gathered up some advice that we would’ve appreciated when searching for our first apartments. 

Ask Friends

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Going into an apartment search alone can be stressful and time-consuming. You probably won’t be able to filter through every option when you are trying to find an apartment by yourself. 

Tell your friends, family, extended family, and networks that you are looking for. This can help you out a ton because more eyes and ears can find you spots that you would have never been able to source.

Walk Around With Your Phone

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Nothing sucks more than moving into a new place that has bad cell phone reception in some rooms. Make sure to take out your cell phone and check the reception while you are at a viewing. 

The same applies to the WiFi network. It’s best to let your landlord know about connectivity issues beforehand so they fix them before you move in. You wouldn’t want to be stuck working in the passage for weeks.

Be wary of Peak Seasons

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Rental prices have proven to be lower during the fall and winter seasons. If you can sign a lease in November, December or January then do so by all means. If you are desperate to move somewhere in the summer, sign a short lease that will allow you to move onto a better deal in the cooler seasons. 

Turn On The Shower

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Your budget may not be worthy of a state of the art high water pressure shower and that’s okay. One thing that every budget is deserving of is a decent shower and not a slow trickle mini fountain.

Your landlord or agent will not stop you from testing out the water pressure. You should turn on the shower in every place you see to get an idea of how you will be cleaning yourself for a year

Open The Cupboards

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A lot of water damage, mold and holes are hidden in cupboards, cabinets, and closets. Open every closed storage space and have a good look inside of them. 

You want to avoid dealing with pests from holes or illnesses from mold and water damage. Some landlords may even take advantage of the situation and charge you for the damages.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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