Baby Steps: The Secret Ingredient Of Success

We are so used to making significant strides in life that anything less than that feels like an absurd notion. However, with the pandemic slowing down our fast-paced life, we have finally begun to realize the importance of taking small steps. 

There’s a reason why babies don’t give up trying no matter how many times they fall. They keep getting back up repeatedly until they have accomplished their goal. They are not concerned with how long it takes to do so because they aren’t obsessed with time like the grown-ups. 

And that’s why small steps are rightly called baby steps because even though they are small in magnitude, their overall impact is significant, and it only multiplies over time. Let’s take a look at why it is important to take baby steps if we want to achieve real success in life. 

Improve Focus 

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As human beings, there’s a limit to the capacity of information our minds can absorb, process, store and deliver. Whenever we have ourselves occupied with many things, it tends to weigh down on our physical and mental health. 

Taking small steps in life means we don’t have to focus on many things all at once, which can overwhelm us and affect our productivity. Make sure you go slow so that your attention and focus are not compromised. 

Boost Self-Confidence 

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Breaking down your larger goals into smaller objectives makes it easier to achieve them, making you feel more confident about your abilities. Smaller wins tend to build up into bigger ones over time, which further encourages you to keep going

Working on smaller goals also helps increase your persistence, and you become more consistent in your efforts. When you tend to your passion every day with renewed vigor, nothing can stop you from reaching your destination. 

Help Appreciate The Process 

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Success never happens overnight; instead, it is a gradual process that takes time, effort, and patience. When we focus on going big, it diverts our attention from the whole process and makes us opt for a quick fix and shortcuts. 

There are no shortcuts to becoming successful. Some of the most accomplished figures in history had to endure a lot of hardships and sore trials to achieve their goals. 

Less Is More 

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Instead of doing many things in a single day, try to handle one or two things and do so consistently to build a routine. Less is the new more when it comes to aiming for your goals. It doesn’t matter how much you’re doing; instead, what makes a difference is how frequently you’re doing something. 

For instance, when you begin a new workout plan, it might overwhelm you to spare an hour from your daily routine. However, if you commit to yourself to at least start exercising for twenty or thirty minutes every day, over time, it will become a part of your schedule and not feel like a burden. 

Normalize Moving At Your Own Pace 

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We continually feel under pressure to do things a certain way because of the norms set down by our society, community, and even ourselves. It is okay to take things slow, and it is entirely all right if things are working out for someone else but not for you. 

There is no need to rush when it comes to life. Please stop giving yourself deadlines, and don’t hammer yourself for everything that has gone wrong. Normalize the idea that we all have our timelines and we will all achieve our goals in due time by taking baby steps, of course. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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