Best Plants To Have In Your Bathroom

I am an avid plant parent. I have plants in every place in my house that you could place a plant in. It took me a while to figure out which plants work in which places and understand the benefits of each, though. 

Some plants thrive outdoors, those that thrive indoors, and some thrive in different parts of the house. One of the most difficult places to have your plants in is the bathroom. 

Here are some of the best houseplants that you can put in your bathroom

Asparagus Fern 


This plant loves humidity, so it is perfectly suited to a bathroom. While this plant looks lovely and soft, the stems have thorns on them, so ensure to place it out of reach of children who might be tempted to touch it. 

The asparagus fern does well in moderate light, so placing it close to a window helps the plant to thrive. You must trim the plant often because while it doesn’t grow very tall, the branches tend to spread out quite widely. 

Pilea Peperomioides


This is a plant that does especially well in tropical environments. It needs bright and direct light, though, so if your bathroom does not have a window in which you can place this plant, it will probably not do very well. 

The flat leaves make it a cute plant to have in a shared children’s bathroom as it is playful and fun. If you already have quite a quirky bathroom, this plant might be the perfect addition to it! 



On to more sophisticated and adult things, the tillandsia plant is an air plant that looks elegant and beautiful in any bathroom. The best part about this plant is that you can place it anywhere because it doesn’t require potting. 

You can add this to any bathroom and move it around as you wish. They will endure most conditions but prefer a damp spot that is in bright, indirect sunlight. 



Not only is bamboo able to thrive in the humidity of a bathroom, but it is one of the most luxurious plants to own. It can make any space feel like an elegant spa and doesn’t need much maintenance at all. 

Bamboo does best in low light, so if your bathroom does not have much light coming into it, your best bet is to buy yourself a bamboo plant and keep it in that space because the combination of humidity and low light will be perfect for the plant. 



Aloe is one of my favorite plants ever because it is so low maintenance, it is aesthetically pleasing, and it has so many health and beauty benefits that they are the perfect all-around plant. 

The aloe requires very little attention and will thrive in the humidity of a bathroom in indirect sunlight. The plant also has many beauty and hair benefits, making the bathroom the perfect place to store the plant. 

Calathea “Freddie”


Most calathea plants flourish in humid environments, making the bathroom the perfect place to grow it. This plant enjoys moderate and indirect sunlight, so it should not be too bright a position. 

There are many varieties of calathea plants, but the calathea Freddie is much more tolerant of conditions than many other varieties. It is a fairly low-maintenance plant, and it is pretty, too. 



Begonia is one of my favorite plants because of the unique markings that they have on their leaves. They look like alien plants but are still beautiful and will do well when placed in a bathroom. 

Begonias love humidity and tend to grow quite well indoors. While they enjoy humidity, they mustn’t have too much moisture around their roots; otherwise, the roots might rot. 

Watermelon Peperomia 


Any plant that bears watermelon in its name is a good plant to me, but this one will do especially well in your bathroom. This plant is named after a watermelon because it has leaves that look like the outside of a watermelon. 

This plant loves moisture, so that the bathroom will suit it perfectly, but it is also a good idea to mist the plant from time to time to ensure that it is getting enough moisture. It should be placed in bright but indirect sunlight. 



Gardenia is one of my favorite scents globally and the perfect scent to fill your bathroom with. Gardenias are not very often kept indoors but will flourish in the humidity of a bathroom. 

As long as your gardenia plant gets enough bright light, it will do well because it enjoys light and humidity but will not do well with sudden blasts of cold or heat, so try to ensure that the temperature is fairly constant where they are kept. 

Cast-Iron Plant 


Reading the name of this plant, you might think that it is not a plant that you would want to keep in your bathroom, but looking at the picture, you will see that the name has nothing to do with the plant’s appearance. 

This plant has this name because it is so difficult to kill it, so if you’re a professional at having plants die on your watch, try your hand at this plant. It needs minimal light and high humidity to thrive. 

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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