Busting 6 Waxing Myths and Truths

Whether you’ve been waxing since you can remember or you just recently started getting into it, you have most likely heard a lot of rumors and myths about waxing. These myths can make waxing seem intimidating. 

However, most myths come with a much more plausible explanation. While the myth may seem scary, the facts behind the myth will make you realize that it’s not all that scary and that waxing is perfectly safe. 

Here are some popular waxing myths and the truths behind them. 

Waxing Is Always Painful 


Waxing is the act of pulling your hairs out of their follicles from the root. Naturally, this will result in some discomfort. There is no way around this, as even laser hair removal is uncomfortable because it targets the hair follicle.

However, if you get waxed frequently, your hair will come out more comfortably as the hair becomes finer and might even begin to grow patchy. This means that the hair follicle is not as thick, and it won’t cause as much discomfort. 

Waxing Facial Hair Causes Wrinkles 


A common misconception about facial waxing is that it will stretch your skin and cause you to wrinkle much faster than if you were not waxing. This is one myth about waxing that does not have much truth behind it. 

You should always be getting waxed by a qualified technician who understands waxing as well as skincare and preparation. If your skin is prepared correctly and your technician knows what they are doing, your chances of getting wrinkles from waxing are almost zero. 

Waxing Eliminates Ingrowns 


We can all get ingrown hairs, and there is no formula to stopping ingrown hairs from occurring. You could have the finest, straightest hair, and ingrown hairs will still happen. This has nothing to do with waxing or the thickness of your hair. 

However, when you wax, you reduce the amount of hair growth, resulting in your experiencing less ingrown hairs than you would if you were shaving the area. 

You Can’t Wax When You’re Pregnant. 


It is 100% safe to wax when you are pregnant. The most important thing to remember is that if you want to start waxing because it is more convenient during pregnancy, you should start early on in the pregnancy. 

This will give the hairs a chance to become finer and grow patchier so that you limit the amount of discomfort caused by waxing nearing the end of your pregnancy. 

You Can’t Get A Bikini Wax On Your Period.


While there are some technicians that prefer not to perform bikini waxes on women while they are on their period, it is possible to do it. There is no harm in getting a bikini wax while you are on your period. 

All you need to do is make sure that you wear a tampon with the string neatly tucked away so that it doesn’t accidentally get yanked out with the wax, and remember that you will be extra sensitive around this time. 

Soft Wax Hurts Less Than Hard Wax


Hard wax adheres only to the hair, while soft wax adheres to the skin and the hair. This means that only the hair follicle comes with it when you rip off a hard wax strip, which is why it is used on sensitive areas such as the face and bikini line. 

This does not mean that one wax hurts any less than the other. It depends on you as a person and your pain threshold as to how much pain you will experience.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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