Busting 7 Myths About Wearing Tampons

Apr 10, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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When it comes to the spread of misinformation, the medical field is one place that could do without having to debunk myths! These myths can lead to people trying to treat themselves with things that could worsen their condition.


Tampons have been around for just about 90 years now and are a common sanitary product used by women during menstruation. It’s amazing that after so long, misinformation about these products is still circulating.

It can be easy to believe misinformation when you aren’t presented with the facts. Here are reasons why these myths are untrue.

1. You Can lose a tampon inside of you




Your vaginal canal isn’t just an endless vortex, it’s around five inches long, and there is no way a tampon can get past your cervix. Your lost tampon could not have gone that far!

If you can’t find the string, you should wash your hands, get into a squat position, and insert a finger into your vagina. You will have to feel around the entire area to try and fish your tampon out.

If you can’t get it out, go to your ob/GYN for assistance, you don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed as medical professionals see situations like these often.

2. You can use a tampon to prevent pregnancy




This sounds like a painful contraceptive when more accessible options are available. Tampons can’t fit into the cervical opening, so if you’re wearing a tampon and having sex, you’re only putting yourself through the discomfort.

If you’re applying the tampon after sex to soak up the semen, you might be too late. The semen is thrust forward onto the cervix during ejaculation, and tampons can’t go into the cervix, so you won’t be able to soak up the semen, and you’re at possible risk for getting pregnant.

3. You Can Easily Catch Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)


Despite what you’ve learned from online sources and all the people who are too scared to try tampons, TSS is rarely caught from wearing a tampon for more than eight hours. You get TSS from S. aureus bacteria that enter through your bloodstream.

You should be wary of any changes to the appearance of your vagina, as well as any changes in smell coming from your vagina to help you catch infections like TSS before they become severe.

4. You Can’t Use Tampons If You Have An IUD




An IUD is inserted into your uterus and helps prevent pregnancy. They have to be inserted by an Ob/GYN; as we know, tampons are inserted into the vagina and can’t pass the cervix to go into the uterus, so they never come into contact.

Even when you get your period, it is still safe for you to use a tampon, even though you have an IUD, and there is no way that the IUD can be removed when using a tampon!

5. Inserting A Yogurt-Dipped Tampon Can Cure Yeast Infections

Photo by Delfina Cocciardi on Unsplash

Photo by Delfina Cocciardi on Unsplash


While consuming yogurt can help regulate the natural bacteria around the body as yogurt contains active cultures, there is little to no evidence to prove that yogurt cures yeast infections. If your vagina is itchy and swollen, applying yogurt to a tampon may soothe some symptoms.

6. You Can’t Wear a tampon overnight

It’s advisable not to wear a tampon for over eight hours because it can increase the chances of bacterial infections that can cause foul smells. But if you do happen to keep it in for longer than eight hours, you should remove it as soon as you can; just don’t make a habit of keeping it in for too long.


7. You Don’t have to change your tampon when you use the bathroom’



It’s a good habit to change your tampon every time you use the bathroom, no matter if you’re doing a number one or two. Bacteria, especially from fecal matter, can get caught on the string and travel up the vagina and cause infections.

It’s strongly recommended that you make a habit of changing your tampon every time you use the bathroom; if not often, then try to change it every four hours.

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