Cacto Becomes First Carbon-Negative Fashion Brand In America

It is becoming increasingly important to change how we produce and distribute every item we use. Many companies have become part of the zero waste and carbon neutral movement. 

However, carbon neutrality is no longer going to be enough to aid in saving the planet. We need carbon-negative companies on the rise. Carbon-negative companies are easy enough to achieve and should become standard practice over the next couple of years. 

One company has just become the first-ever carbon-negative company globally and is attempting to fight climate change. 

Who Is Cacto?

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Cacto is the first carbon-negative company in the world. The founder, Jesus Chavez, created the company intending to stop carbon emissions altogether. He said that to change the world, we will have to reach zero net carbon emissions well before 2050. 

Cacto has been founded with the knowledge that any and all of the decisions we make will directly impact the next one. This means that we have to make decisions today that will benefit our children and their children. 

Why Carbon-Negative?

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There have been several articles that have reported on how the fashion industry is affecting our environment. Some of which have even been written by the WomanlyLive team. The fashion industry has to become more sustainable for our earth to be able to survive. 

According to Cacto, the fashion industry accounts for more CO2 emissions than the economies of France, Germany, and the UK, and it is not going to stop if companies do not strive to become carbon-negative. 

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For companies to do so, they will need to rethink how they produce and distribute their clothes. Because the fashion industry is consumer-driven, we as consumers need to acknowledge our role in this fight. 

You can choose to wear clothes for longer, swap clothes with friends, or buy second-hand clothes instead of buying clothes brand new and off the rack. This will contribute towards fast fashion being able to slow down, which will dramatically reduce carbon emissions. 

Why Cacto? 

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Cacto has reduced its carbon emissions by 150% over the last year with the help of Swedish NPO, On A Mission. Cacto is proud to announce that they will be continuing the offsetting process once every six months for the next ten years. 

Cacto is producing sustainable accessories that are created using cactus leather. Cactus leather is vegan, organic, zero-waste, partially biodegradable, and free from any toxic chemicals. The best thing about cactus leather is that it doesn’t even harm the cactus plant as only the oldest cactus leaves are used, and then new leaves grow within 6-8 months. 

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Cacti are abundant in Mexico, where Cacto is based. Cacti absorb CO2 and store it in the ground as calcium carbonate. This means that while the company produces no CO2 emissions, the emissions being created from other companies are being absorbed by the cacti used by Cacto. 

Cacto is available in 190 and is hopeful that it will inspire other young entrepreneurs to keep climate change principles at the core of their business ethics.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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