Choose Your Battles: Know When To Speak Up At Work

Aug 21, 2020
08:33 A.M.
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It's vital to speak up as soon as possible. Conflicts are likely to build up if you do not provide feedback early.


If you want to create more influence and make a difference in your team, speaking up at appropriate times is a sure way to get noticed and build a strong reputation. Here are a few times when you need to speak up.

1. Speak First When Negotiating A Raise



If you have done the research and have all the data to back you up, put your case forward first, that is your desired salary (go high) and why you deserve it. Doing that -being slightly aggressive- influences the rest of the conversation, usually in your favor, because it becomes the anchor figure during the negotiation.


Your boss is tempted to look at all your great attributes instead of your flaws. Low-balling yourself will have the opposite effect.

2. In Meetings



Waiting until the end to chime in with comments can make you second-guess yourself. The stressing leads you to question whether you are actually adding any value.

Therefore, if you have something important to say, speak first or as early as possible. Make sure you are informed, prepared, and on point.


3. If A Coworker Is Holding You Up



I don’t mean snitch on them. Rather, politely put your coworker on notice. Let them know that you need the work done.

Ask if there is a problem completing the task. Showing empathy can work in your favor. It also tells them that you are aware that there is a problem.

4. If You Are Overloaded With Work




If you are already swamped under a ton of projects, having another dumped on you is frustrating. Instead of whining about it, ask your boss to help you prioritize your workload.

Ask if one of the other projects can move to the backburner. Your boss will appreciate your candidness.

5. If You Are The Subject Of Office Gossip




It can be demoralizing to be the subject of gossip. Nip the gossip in the bud as early as possible before it gets out of hand.

Instead of becoming emotional, approach the source calmly and tell them that you heard some things being said about you and that you were told it came from them. Offer to discuss the problem and resolve any bad feelings before things escalate.

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