Clever Breast Tape Hacks To Try When Wearing Risqué Outfits

We cannot fight with the force of gravity, but we wish we could sometimes. Our breasts are affected by gravity over time or, depending on their size, limiting outfit choices. 

I can name at least three for every ten women who struggle with undergarments for sexy tops and outfits. Bras make our lives somewhat easier for some ensembles, but those straps don’t cut it for all. 

Although getting a breast lift is an option for some, the everyday woman doesn’t have the luxury or desire. Fortunately, many styling hacks can help out when your outfit is too risqué for the bra straps. 

A Hollywood Styling Secret

Celebrities never fail to look stunning and put together at red carpet events, no matter what they wear. Most of us would not be able to pull off their low plunging neckline, strapless and backless garments. 

We also can’t help but notice how high some of their slits are, but we rarely see a malfunction these days. Now we know that the average woman can pull off all of these risqué outfit choices with a secret weapon. 

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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to super-low necklines and high slits, and she let us in on a styling secret. The reality TV star revealed that she uses tape to manage her cleavage for strapless and low cut tops. 

Other celebrity stylists also shared a hack similar to Kim’s for avoiding nip slips and other malfunctions. Many have revealed that they use double-sided tape or ‘styling tape’ to keep everything in place. 

What Type Of Tape To Use

Kim Kardashian’s original post sharing this secret included the use of regular duct tape, or it’s varieties. Many women tried it out but realized that this secure strapless bra hack was extremely painful to remove.  

Nowadays, there are different types of tape with adhesive made for skin targeted at this breast lift trick. These tapes can be quite expensive for single-use items for some women, so they use kinesiology tape instead.

Breast tapes on the market are sold in the undergarment category and come in different nude shades. The pioneer of it all also has her own breast tape rolls available from her shapewear line SKIMS. 

How To Use The Tape For Different Garments 

There is an art to taping your breasts, and if you do not pay careful attention, they may look lumpy and weird. Different garments also require different techniques so that the tape is not visible to others. 

The easiest way is to lift them with tape that sticks over your shoulders. This technique is best for plunging necklines that have sleeves. One must wear a nipple cover to avoid a flat appearance. 

Other techniques include strapping tape across the chest in an ‘x’ shape or right across horizontally. Another method requires one to tape from the breast to just below the decolletage area.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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