Conspiracy Center: Debunking 5 Theories That The Moon Landing Was A Hoax

Apr 04, 2021
06:00 A.M.
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A once-in-a-lifetime historical moment happened 51 years ago. Apollo 11 landed on the moon and was broadcasted live across the globe for the masses to watch, yet somehow left people questioning its legitimacy.


On July 20th, 1969, viewers watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take their first steps on the moon. It left the world in awe of what mankind could achieve and gave them hope for the future, but some remained skeptical.

Bill Kaysing, the person behind “The Moon Landing Is A Hoax” conspiracy theory, had a history of working for a space technology company. His conspiracy theories took off and gave life to an array of new ones. Now we’re left debunking conspiracies about the moon landing.

1. There Is No Wind On The Moon But The Flag Is Flapping


There is no oxygen, there is no wind, and there is absolutely no way that the flag could be flapping on the moon. However, in the video, it’s evident that the flag is evidently in motion; what could be causing this?

A regular flag would have been drooping had it been used in space, so NASA had the flag specially designed with rods to make it look as if it were swaying in the wind. It doesn’t sway nor move unless touched by the astronauts.

2. There Are No Stars


In the pictures taken by Armstrong and Aldrin took on the moon, there seems to be no sign of stars in the background. With no stars present, is it really in space?

Have you ever tried to take a picture of the moon with your phone? The night sky can be breath-taking, but your phone camera can still make it look absolutely ordinary!

In 1969 the camera sent to space is not of the same technology we’re exposed to today; the picture is affected by exposure to light. The sun's light reflected off the spacesuits’ surface, which increased exposure and makes it look as if there aren’t any stars in sight!

3. The Shadows Aren’t Right


The sun is the only light source, so why do the objects in the shadows still appear in a film? If it was actually on the surface of the moon, would these objects still be visible?

The sun may be the only light source, but it isn’t the only source of illumination; the moon’s surface reflects the sun’s light. That’s why we can see the moon at night all the way here on Earth, it’s also why we can see the objects in the shadows in the original documented film.

4. Neil Armstrong’s Camera Isn’t Reflected On Aldrin’s Helmet


In a picture of Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong’s reflection is seen; however, he doesn’t seem to be holding a camera. Where is Armstrong’s camera? Is someone else taking the pictures?

You couldn’t use standard cameras to take pictures as the spacesuit's unique design would make it difficult to hold and operate the camera. NASA had a camera specially designed into the suit to be easy to use; in the picture, Neil’s arm covers the camera; it is still there!

5. Stanley Kubrick Filmed It


Stanley Kubrik is the director of the movie 2001: A Space Oddesy. The movie showcased a stunning picture from outer space.

When the moon landing footage aired just over a year later, it led people to question its authenticity after the movie was released. If just one year prior they could create such a realistic image of outer space, could the same director have helped orchestrate the mood landing video footage?

The answer is no! The only reason Stanley Kubrik’s movie looks so realistic is that artists and engineers helped him to create the image. Their expertise helped them make the most realistic appearance possible for his film, not the moon landing!

YouTube and Facebook are platforms where a lot of false information and conspiracies gain momentum to convince the masses. Measures being put in place to stop the spread of false information like conspiracies, but out of sheer curiosity, we tend to dissect these theories to find out if they’re true!