'Coregasm': Exploring The Orgasmic Effects Of Exercise

Mar 18, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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You might think that you can only reach an orgasm during sex or stimulated play, but it turns out that you can climax through exercise. You might even find yourself looking forward to a workout Coregasm!


A Coregasm is a phenomenon where you experience an orgasm while doing exercises stimulating the core muscle, and the experience is involuntary. It could be a psychological experience, especially if your mind has been running wild thinking about sex throughout your workout.

Men can experience Coregasms too, and it can happen solely through ejaculation without the arousal of an erection! The sensation for women is different from clitoral stimulated orgasm because it’s stimulated through the muscles from the pelvic floor. So how can you get one?

Exercises And Sex


According to science, sex and exercise go hand in hand, decreasing the risk of erectile dysfunction and stimulating arousal in women. While exercising may not increase your chances of achieving orgasm through sex, it can make sex more enjoyable!

Exercising increases blood flow to your genitals because hormones and testosterone levels increase during and after a workout. By engaging your core, especially your lower abdomen and pelvic floor muscles, your chances of achieving a Coregasm are increased significantly.

How To Get A Coregasm?


If you’re interested in achieving a Coregasm, there are specific exercises you can do to help you orgasm. But if you want to avoid Coregasms in public, you should try to avoid exercises causing you to climax. It’s not the exercise alone that produces orgasms; pushing through the pain and making the extra effort to complete reps can help you get there!

Tightening your core in exercises like situps, crunches, hanging ab exercises, and planks can help you Coregasm, mainly because they engage the lower ab muscles. Exercises like squats leave you vulnerable to Coregasms, especially when pushing back up, and rope climbing exercises can stimulate you through friction in the genital area.

These are just a few exercises that cause Coregasms; some exercises work better for some than others. If you can’t achieve a Coregasm, that’s okay; you can still use exercise to spice up your sex life and get your orgasm through other means of stimulation.