Daily Horoscope: What Do The Stars Have Lined Up For You Today?

Sep 04, 2020
06:23 A.M.
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Photo by Soulful Stock on Unsplash

Photo by Soulful Stock on Unsplash


Grounding yourself will help you understand the emotions you’ve been dealing with this week. Be mindful of how your loved ones are feeling today and remember to extend an empathetic hand. See your Friday Horoscope below for some more insight.


There is some turmoil in your extended life today, Aries. Someone far removed or a colleague may rub you off the wrong way.


Keep yourself centred and remember your purpose in such space. Taking things personally will only add fuel to the fire.


You are not in your best productive mode today, Taurus, and it can affect your mood. Be patient with yourself regarding your tasks; you will get them done once you change your state of mind.

Take some time to listen to what your mind has been telling you all week. No one can navigate unattended emotions.



There have been some restrictions and limitations that you’ve been struggling to move past recently. Keep pushing through as today brings the potential of a breakthrough. Celebrate the progress that you make today, but don’t forget to stay realistic about where you are going.



You are feeling cheerful today, Cancer, and you’d love to spread the joy. Be careful not to persist in positivity if someone around you is not in the mood.

Trust your gut instinct and explore all of the ideas that cross your mind, but keep it practical. You may find excellent outcomes from your actions if you play your cards right.


It will not be of benefit to avoid conflict today, Leo. Be direct when an issue arises so it can be dealt with appropriately.


Be careful not to lose someone’s trust with gossip. Your words can come back to bite you if not communicated cordially.


You’re at the peak of your creativity this season Virgo, and it’s time to see your visions through. The products of your imagination can bring you something great if you start putting in the work today.



Reduce your mental clutter by continuing and wrapping up unfinished projects today. If what you were working on doesn’t fit your picture any longer, let it go. It is time to move on and focus on some new things.



Do not be afraid to face the truth about your feelings today, Scorpio. Your intuition is guiding you to pay attention, but something is pulling you astray. Listen to your gut and try to figure out what you are feeling.


Change is necessary for growth, and you’re long overdue for a shift in some things in your life. The time to attend to this restructuring is now. Remember that change is just adaptation; you don’t have to rework your bigger picture entirely.



Capricorn, your mind is not on planet Earth today, which can cause an issue for you. Try to stay connected to reality by getting involved in a task that you would usually delegate to someone else.



Listen to some much-needed advice today, Aquarius, you may gain a better perspective. An older family member or a senior at work may offer their thoughts today, consider their words.


Read the room today, Pisces, your usual unfiltered display of emotions may not be welcome this time. Ground yourself and recognize the importance of gaining respect rather than demanding it. People will hear you, only if you address things appropriately.