Daily Horoscopes: Do The Stars Spell Success Today?

Sep 30, 2020
01:49 A.M.
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Take a deep breath today and don’t forget to exhale. The energy is high, and everyone is buzzing, so don’t feel bad for being a little distracted.


You can do anything that you set out to do, so don’t fret the small stuff and keep it moving. Read your horoscope to see what the day has on offer.


Aries, you may discover a hidden talent or two today. You are encouraged to try out new tasks that may present themselves to nurture this newfound skill. You are also feeling productive today, so make sure to maximise on your need to get things done.



Expect some positive news or progress on something you’ve been working on today. Whatever is coming can impact you and your family for the best.

Don’t waste time pondering on any opportunities today, Taurus. Go in head first, and you will be grateful for the blessing.



You’re feeling confident and ready for whatever may come your way, Gemini. Channel this energy towards your success, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

You’ve worked hard for a long time, and you are about to reap the rewards of your efforts. Allow yourself to beam with pride today.


Distractions will keep you from completing work tasks or chores today, Cancer. Do not get frustrated at your inability to focus. Just give in and enjoy your day, you’ll get the work done tomorrow.



Allow yourself to get handy today, Leo. A new piece of equipment or machinery may become your new favorite toy and open up doors for you. Have you been thinking about taking up sewing lessons? Go for it today, and you may get lucky with your skill.



Virgo, it seems that you are the perfect person to lean on today as all of your loved ones reach out to you. Take the time to listen and offer your advice to loved ones, even if it may put you off track for the day. Leave work early if needs be and be present to support those who need you most.


The word of the day is ‘boundaries’, Libra, set them, respect them and live by them. You are a target for manipulation from friends right now, and you need to set things straight.


You cannot fix anyone’s life, so practice saying no. Don’t let others drain your time and energy.


Feel free to socialise with family and friends today, Scorpio. It is a great day to share joy and laughter with the people you cherish the most. You can get back to work tasks or assignments tomorrow.



Those online quarantine courses and YouTube tutorials will prove to be advantageous today, Sagittarius. You are looking useful to potential clients and employers because of these skills. Keep your resume and LinkedIn updated and ready for anyone who approaches you.



Everyone around you is in high spirits today Capricorn and if you can’t beat them, join them. Don’t be afraid to look silly while you’re having fun.

Let your hair down and leave the seriousness for another day. It’s a great day to be playful in all spheres of your life.


Your busy schedule leaves you feeling overwhelmed today, Aquarius. Take a second to breathe and acknowledge that you’ve made it this far for a reason. You can do anything!



You’ve been on a search for some healing, Pisces and you are about to unlock the information you need. Open up your network to people who can guide you on this journey in the future.

Things will also lookup for you financially today. You could receive some good news regarding a mistake on your account or an incoming payment.