Daily Horoscopes: Will it be A TGIF or Freaky Friday?

Sep 25, 2020
03:48 A.M.
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Take a chance on yourself and others today. Nothing is out of the cards to surprise you. Go into the weekend with a free and unbothered spirit.


Your patience may get tested by a few situations or people. Don’t let the negative energy get to you. See what your daily horoscope has to offer for today.


You’re a big thinker, Aries, and sometimes you do not pay mind to your wildest thoughts and dreams. Today’s the day to take your imagination seriously, no matter how absurd it could get.



You may find yourself in a situation where you need to calm yourself from an annoying voice. Whoever gets on your nerves today is not doing so purposefully, Taurus. Practice what you know best and ground yourself with a few deep breaths before removing yourself from the situation.



Gemini, giving up is not always unwarranted if you have tried every solution to the problem. Accepting that something is beyond, you may open the doors to some assistance that will make a significant difference.

You are not powerless in this instance, Gemini. You have dealt with whatever this is for much too long. Trust your instincts to give this a pause, and all will work out just fine.



You are multi-talented, Cancer no one thing is unreachable to you. Others may assume that you spread yourself too thin, but there are rewards to your efforts.

Everything that you have prioritized is reaching its final stages towards success. The finish line is in sight; no one can stop you now!


Don’t be afraid to revisit some past life events, Leo. Exposing yourself to those tucked away feelings and conflicts may help you understand a few things now. Take some time to introspect safely, and your courage will pay off in the future.



Being too optimistic can also be a bad thing, Virgo. Positivity can be out of touch with reality and cause you to overlook the worst-case scenarios in situations. For ideas to come to fruition, you need to take a more realistic approach towards them.



Treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath away from everything this evening. You are easily distracted by the harsh realities of the world, Libra, but this is blocking you from optimum relaxation. Everybody needs to rest once in a while; give yourself that luxury today.


You cannot control every aspect of things, Scorpio. Sometimes, you just have to go for it. Today is the day to let go of all reigns and explore an idea you have been holding back. Trust yourself to have done all the proper research and due diligence.



Indecision only leads you into a cycle of more uncertainty. You need to keep your feet on the ground and realize it is time to commit. Whatever course of action you take will be the correct one!



Capricorn, there are many paths to take to get to your destination. The roads that you did not intend on taking have something to offer you towards your success. You will achieve what you have set out to achieve, no matter what obstacles you face.


You always have to weigh your options and manage your risks before you jump into something, Aquarius. Today may bring shiny prepositions that are tempting. Do not exhaust your time and efforts on something that will prove invaluable. There are other worthwhile options in the cards for you.



The choice between good and evil gets more and more difficult as the world becomes more complex. You are likely to convince yourself that taking the lesser of two evils is the correct stance today.

Pisces, you know that there are other options out there for you. You have to put in the work and have the courage to see them through.

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