Daily Inspiration: Female Empowering Instagram Accounts To Follow

Face-tuned Instagram images of perfect looking personalities can affect any woman’s self-confidence. Mean comments and constant bad news seem to make the online space more toxic than ever. 

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Luckily there has been more female empowerment focused Instagram accounts on our timelines. These self-love accounts give us a much-needed confidence boost on the pessimistic platform. Here a couple of our favorite motivational Instagram accounts to add to your Instagram positive vibes. 

Female Collective

Activist Candace Reels founded female Collective. The page posts daily self-love quotes and self-care reminders and kind words that touch on growth and mental health. 

Candace celebrates, supports, and uplifts women with brightly colored pictures and designs. Her Instagram page looks and feels like a refreshing space to scroll through safely.

Makers Women

The Makers Women account profiles women in interview snippets, quotes, and memes. The page offers insightful stories on extraordinary yet relatable women. 

The stories shared on this Instagram page aim to inspire women to always reach for their full potential.

Camila Rosa

Camila Rosa is a Brazilian illustrator who forefronts diversity and representation in bright works of art. Her colorful drawings celebrate all women, and each of them holds a powerful message. 

Rupi Kaur

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one thing i’ve learned about myself during quarantine is how impatient i am. i struggle with sitting still. i struggle with waiting. whatever i set out to do- i want the result right away- which of course is impossible because nothing comes easy and quick. i struggle to sit down day after day and do the repetitive and tedious work of writing a book. the process is mentally and emotionally challenging. over the past 7 months i’ve had to become friends with patience in order to finish writing book 3. and do you wanna know how i feel about it now that i’m done? i realize the fun part wasn’t finishing it. i was focused on the wrong thing this whole time. i thought the end result of all my hard work was the award. but the award was having the privilege to do work. excuse my corniness 😂 but some things just gotta be corny. this whole time- the fun part- was doing the patient work of writing every single day whether i wanted to or not. finishing was actually underwhelming. the exciting. brilliant. wonderful part was waking up and not knowing what was going to happen. would i spend the day writing stuff i loved? would i spend it anxious and crying ? would i struggle? break down? relax? go see friends? who knowsssssssss. every day was a mystery and turned out to be the opposite of what i expected. and that’s the journey. that’s living. the end result will happen as long as i do the everyday work. and life kindly humbles me about that every time i forget 😂♥️

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You may have seen some delicate line art paired with beautifully strung together words on friend’s stories. Those gorgeous words are written by none other than best selling poet, Rupi Kaur.

Rupi’s poetry reaches a broad audience of women who seek affirming words on self-love, pride, and growth. Her illustrations add an aesthetically pleasing touch to her must-see Instagram posts.

Gurls Talk

Model Adwoa Aboah founded Gurls Talk for women to share their stories without judgment. The Instagram page is a carefully curated gallery of artwork, quotes, and social commentary. 

Women and girls are encouraged to take advantage of the community of followers as a support system. All topics that women of all ages bring forth are accepted and received and shared on the account.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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