Disney Princes Ranked According To Their Smarts, Power & Looks

Oct 09, 2020
06:16 P.M.
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Disney never fails to create dreamy male characters. However, let's be honest, not everyone wants Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet.


While he is certainly popular enough to have a whole live-action movie based on him, he's far from the best Disney prince in our eyes. To prove our theory that there are better Disney princes on the market, we decided to rank them all.

With our "scientific" data, we rated each prince in terms of smarts, power, and of course looks to determine who stands above the rest. Äs a result, we have picked these Disney princes as our ultimate top ten.

10. Aladdin


Attractiveness: 3Personality: 5Wealth Status: 0Power: 2Overall Score: 10/20

While Aladdin may be a pauper when Jasmin meets him, he certainly knew how to charm his way into her good books. With a touch of help from the Genie and his trusty monkey, he may not be ruling over a kingdom but he certainly earns a spot on this list. After all who can resist a creative and funny bad boy.

9. John Smith


Attractiveness: 2Personality: 3Wealth Status: 2 Power: 3Overall Score: 10/20His bravery and leadership are definitely commendable not to mention his good looks. However, we're not sure falling for the opposition is ever a good move...

8. Prince Naveen


Attractiveness: 4Personality: 2Wealth Status: 2 Power: 2Overall Score: 10/20

After being disowned by his parents, Prince Naveen is not rich nor powerful. Though he is charming and confident, his womanizing ways puts a slight damper on how much we want to fall for his dreamy looks.

7. Flynn Rider


Attractiveness: 5Personality: 5Wealth Status: 1Power: 1Overall Score: 12/20

Technically not a prince, Flynn Rider is one of the most realistic men in the Disneyverse. Funny, good looking and charming he almost makes you forget that he is technically completely broke.

6. General Li Sheng


Attractiveness: 4Personality: 3Wealth Status: 2Power: 4Overall Score: 13/20

Another man who is technically not a prince but made our list is General Li Sheng. Since Mulan is classified as a Disney Princess, we think General Li Sheng deserves his title too. Definitely powerful and oh so fit, even if he was dead broke

5. Prince Charming



Attractiveness: 3Personality: 2Wealth Status: 5Power: 3Overall Score: 15/20


The classic prince that won all of us over as children, Prince Charming seemed like the full package. Handsome, rich, powerful, but unfortunately just a tad boring compared to the other princes.

4. Prince Phillip


Attractiveness: 4Personality: 2Wealth Status: 5Power: 4Overall Score: 15/20

While there's no doubt that Prince Phillip is extremely good looking and wealthy. However, we simply cannot over look his tendency to kiss sleeping princesses...

3. Prince Florian

Getty Images

Getty Images

Attractiveness: 4Personality: 3Wealth Status: 5Power: 4Overall Score: 16/20


Charming and good looking seem to be Disney's go to vibe for princes. However, we're not so sure we want to be kissed awake by a random stranger in the woods...

2. Prince Eric


Attractiveness: 4Personality: 3Wealth Status: 5 Power: 4Overall Score: 16/20

Falling for a mute girl who comes from the sea is no easy feat especially if you have a bunch of maidens falling for you already. Add to that the clear wealth, good looks and charm dripping off Prince Eric, we totally understand why Ariel jumped at the chance to be with him.

1. Hercules


Attractiveness: 4Personality: 3Wealth Status: 4Power: 5Overall Score: 16/20

While he may be a little dorky and a tad cocky, his goofy nature and love for the outdoors makes Hercules extremely lovable. Combined with his demigod powers and good looks, he's basically irresistible by modern standards.

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