Dove To Begin Tree Planting Project

Our environment is becoming more and more endangered by the second, and all that we can do to slow this process down is to protect it in whatever small capacity we are capable of. This might include something as small as no longer using single-use plastics. 

However, for those with some more power and finances in the world, it is easier to make much grander gestures that will make a much larger impact on the world as a whole. One of these companies is ‘Dove.’ 

We’re taking a look at ‘Dove’s latest campaign to fight climate change, 

The Campaign 


Climate change is an incredibly serious issue that we are all facing together. So many people are doing all they can to ensure that our planet is protected from all of the environmental stressors that are occurring today. 

However, as individuals, it is difficult to make a drastic change in the world. ‘Dove’ knows this and has decided that as a huge corporation, they will move to make a change in the world in an attempt to fight climate change. 


The campaign will be costly for the company, but what will be more costly is that the environment is suffering, and humans will suffer because of this. 

The Mission 


‘Dove’ recently announced that they would be launching an 8.5 million euro project that would be an attempt to make a difference to climate change. The company has partnered with ‘Conservation International’ to complete this mission. 

The company has decided to partake in the biggest restoration project performed by a beauty brand to date. ‘Dove’ has announced that the restoration project will comprise the company in partnership with ‘Conservation International’ restoring forests. 


It is no secret that the beauty industry can be extremely harmful to the environment, and seeing such a prolific beauty brand partake in such a huge project is admirable. 

The Plan 


‘Dove’ and ‘Conservation International’ have decided to restore and protect 20 000 hectares of forest in North Sumatra, Indonesia. This piece of land is approximately double the size of Paris. 

The project will begin this year and will last a total of five years. The project is one of the biggest ever by a beauty brand and will take a lot of work and funds to complete, but it will undoubtedly be worth it for the conservation of our environment.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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