Embracing Loneliness: A Guide To Overcoming The Fear Of Being Alone

Feeling alone might be exacerbated by celebrations, milestones, and what we often perceive to be times of joy and togetherness like thanksgiving and birthdays. 

But loneliness is not isolated to these times of the year, and you may be hit by a wave of sadness on any random old Tuesday.

Lately, we talk about loneliness in the context of the pandemic, but it’s a phenomenon that’s existed long before and will outlive lockdown restrictions. 

Turn Time Alone Into Quality Time With Self

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If you feel lonely when you get back from work and feel by yourself in your apartment, pick up a craft, hobby, a game, and turn your time into your daily, routine self-care time. Even if you’re living with someone, you’re not exempt from the possible feeling of being lonely.

Also, turn on some music; it can help fill up space with something other than silence. This might help you from getting too stuck in your head.  

Rethink The Way You See Being Alone

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Being alone might be part of your everyday life. Try to reframe the way you view being alone as not to make it something to dread. It’s a thing that human beings experience. 

You might want to reflect on this time and think about why you can’t stand being alone. Then, interrogate and journal about your feelings instead of running trying to solve the symptoms. Finally, note that if you feel more than momentarily lonely, there might be something below the surface that you might want to explore with a professional. 

Talk To Friends

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You might feel reluctant when to call your friends if you’re feeling down. You might even feel like you have nothing to say to them or that you don’t want to burden them.

This is normal, but if you have it in you to reach out, you can talk about how lonely you feel or about the most recent season of “The Handmaids Tale.” Anything goes.

Consider A Pet

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Pets are adorable companions that can help you feel less lonely. If you can’t get one but are fond of animals, you might want to volunteer at a local animal shelter.

If you get a dog or cat, you might also enjoy doing things outside, like taking them out for a walk or playing in the park, or when you don’t feel like going out, you can stay in and snuggle while you watch tv or with them.

Talk To A Professional

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If you feel like you don’t have it in you to talk to a loved one or do something else on this list, that might be a sign that you need to seek a professional’s help. 

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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