Essential Oils We All Need To Have

Mar 12, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Globally people are becoming more aware and accepting of holistic healing. As with any new lifestyle choice, it is both exciting and daunting to learn new things as you adopt new habits.


A good way of immersing yourself in a more spiritually led lifestyle is to start slowly with the basics and ease yourself in. There is no pressure to know everything right away, and you can learn as you go.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 essential oils that you should invest in to burn or drop into your diffuser.

Lemon Oil


Thinking of summer leads the mind to thoughts of being fresh. Citrus also leads the mind to a fresh and clean place, which is probably why most cleaning agents are citrus flavored. Using lemon oil leads to a clean feeling in the space you use it in, which will lead to an overall sense of happiness.

Lemon oil also has excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been proven that lemon oil has a positive effect on your mood, too. This is an ideal starter essential oil as it will leave your space smelling great as well as somewhat cleaning the air.

Peppermint Oil


Peppermint is an excellent decongestant and is used in many aromatherapy practices to treat coughs or head colds. You can use peppermint oil topically on the temples to reduce headaches.

Using peppermint oil in a diffuser will also have de-stressing properties. You can even add a dot of peppermint oil to the bottom of your face mask. This helps to keep face mask-related headaches at bay and allows you to breathe more comfortably for longer.

Lavender Oil


The essential oil that we all knew about before we even knew what essential oils were. Lavender is perhaps the most popular essential oil, and for a good reason, it has many remarkable properties.

If you’re looking for an oil that is; relaxing, anti-spasmodic, antioxidant-rich, anti-anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and reduces heart rate, lavender oil is the essential oil you need.

Cinnamon Oil


Besides making your entire home smell like Christmas if you drop it in your diffuser, cinnamon oil has many more benefits. Cinnamon oil can also clear chest colds. It can save you from aches and pains if applied topically.

Originally cinnamon oil was available only to the wealthy in ancient Arabic communities. It is now much more affordable and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is used in anything from shampoos to athlete’s foot remedies. Most often, tea tree oil has been used in lice treatments and gingivitis.

This can also be used to treat acne, it takes longer to treat acne than any antibiotics, but it is effective and has far fewer side effects than any antibiotics.

Lemongrass Oil


Lemongrass oil is a lovely alternative to citronella as it smells better. It keeps bugs at bay, and it is a smell that you might be able to tolerate better than your conventional citronella. It is an energetic scent similar to lemon.

Lemongrass oil can also be added to shampoo or simply diluted in a few drops of water to effectively treat dandruff. You can also add lemongrass oil to your bath when you have a cold to help you feel better.

Clary Sage Oil


If you’re studying for a big exam or you have a big meeting coming up, have some clary sage oil close by as it can aid in concentration. You can also massage some clary sage oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil onto your abdominal region to treat menstrual pain.

It can also be used to regulate hormones as well and was used to treat depression in post-menopausal women. It lowered cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and regulating thyroid hormones.

Bergamot Oil


According to a 2017 study, bergamot can be used to help patients who are mentally ill feel more optimistic. The oil can also be used as an anti-inflammatory and pain treatment.

It is important to remember that bergamot oil is photosensitive, which means that if you use it topically, you need to make sure that you stay in the shade and or very well protected from the sun.

Eucalyptus Oil


This is an oil that can be used as a pesticide or to get rid of weeds. This means that it is an oil that will not only benefit you but will benefit your garden. If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, this is a brilliant option to ensure that the pests stay off your food.

It also has a very calming effect and can be used to boost your immune system. Drop some into your diffuser at night to breathe more comfortably while you sleep.

Orange Oil


When applied topically, this can reduce pulse rates and breathing rates. It was also used in women during labor who felt much less anxious after sniffing this oil. It has also been used to treat PTSD.

You only need very few drops of this essential oil because it is incredibly fragrant. Used topically, this is also a photosensitive oil, so be sure to stay out of direct sunlight.