Explaining Why Sunscreen Contouring Is A Terrible Idea

Of all the insane beauty trends that TikTok has ever come up with, sunscreen contouring might be the strangest. I never thought that I would see contouring done anywhere else but in makeup. 

While the trend has blown up on social media sites, there are some dangers to using the trend, and it has quickly garnered a lot of attention from skincare experts and dermatologists worldwide. 

Here is why you should not be jumping on the sunscreen contouring trend. 

What Is Sunscreen Contouring? 


Sunscreen contouring has taken the virtual world by storm, and for a good reason. We all want to look naturally toned and sculpted, even on our faces. Nobody wants to wear a full face of makeup to the beach. 

The trend is completed by applying one SPF to your entire face and then a much higher SPF to the high points of your face as if you were highlighting the skin like you do when applying your makeup. 


The trend is said to make you look ‘naturally snatched,’ and it is easy to see why everybody is so excited to try the trend. It might make you feel great, and you might not have to wear as much makeup as usual, but the trend is not as harmless as it seems. 


It has garnered a lot of attention on social media and not for all the right reasons. Skincare experts worldwide have brought attention to the fact that we should not be trying the trend. 

Why Shouldn’t You Use It? 


The trend might seem harmless because you’re applying SPF to your entire face, just at different protection factors. However, it might not be the best idea because even though your face is protected, some parts are far less protected than others. 

Think about it this way, which part of your body would you prefer to age faster? Where is the first place you want to get wrinkles? There is no answer to that question. We don’t want any part of our bodies to age faster than any others. 

However, this is essentially what sunscreen contouring does to your facial skin. Applying different SPFs to your facial skin, you protect certain parts of your skin and keep it young while allowing the other parts to age more quickly. 

You will end up having incredibly uneven facial skin, and you will need to take care of the different parts of your face with different products as they will have reached more different stages at different times. 

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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