Exploring Deoderant Wardrobes

At WomanlyLive, we have done many articles on fragrances and building your very own fragrance collection. There are many ways that you can build a collection that will be perfect for you, but there is more to think about than fragrance. 

You need to think about the basis of your fragrance, too, which usually lies in your deodorant. For this reason, you should be building a deodorant wardrobe. This might be a foreign concept to you, but we have the ultimate guide for you. 

Here is how you can build a deodorant wardrobe to fit all of your needs. 

What Is A Deoderant Wardrobe 


Smelling good throughout the day is important for many people, and many people try their utmost to smell good throughout the day, but there seems to be nothing that they can do to smell fresh all day long. 

While layering perfume on can be expensive and often ineffective, there are ways that you can ensure that you smell fresh all day long without having to spend copious amounts of money and time on it. 


The answer to all of your smell woes can be answered by building a deodorant wardrobe for yourself. 

How To Build One 


Every person sweats differently, and you should know how you sweat to know exactly how you will need to build your deodorant wardrobe. You will need to know whether or not you need an antiperspirant, a deodorant, or both. 

If you sweat a little more than the average person, you will need to use an antiperspirant so that your sweat will not affect your scent throughout the day. You can then layer your deodorant on top of it. 


If you want to keep your scent subtle so that your perfume fragrance is the star of the show, use a neutrally scented deodorant; however, if you want to build a more complex scent, you can add a deodorant scent that compliments your fragrance scent. 

Why Build One


If you are a person who sweats a lot, it is important for you to build a deodorant wardrobe because you will be able to smell fresher for longer when layering antiperspirant and deodorant in this way. 

You can build a deodorant wardrobe fairly quickly and with little money. You should experiment with scents and textures as much as possible, though you need to build to ensure that you find what works best for you.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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