Exploring Fan Reactions To Molly Yeh's Popcorn Salad

Apr 20, 2021
06:00 A.M.
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Many wacky recipes have surfaced in the last few months, most of them thanks to TikTok, but recently perhaps the wackiest of all recipes has come out, and it didn’t come from a social media site.


This recipe came from ‘The Food Network’ and has had the internet in stitches for days with how ridiculous it seems. It is definitely a recipe that seems a little odd, but then to some people, so does pineapple on pizza.

We’re taking a look at Molly Yeh’s popcorn salad and all of the reactions that came with it.

The Salad


The recipe was posted to ‘The Food Network’ back in 2020, but it has only recently started gaining a lot of attention. The recipe is made by Molly Yeh, is made using mayonnaise, popcorn, and various vegetables. It is something like a pasta salad, just made with popcorn.

Popcorn might seem like an odd choice for a salad, but it is healthy, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian, so it seems like the perfect addition to any meal. There is no way to know what made Molly Yeh pick popcorn, but one thing is for sure; people had many opinions about it.

Reactions and Reviews


While many fitness influencers and exercise gurus have been boasting about popcorn’s versatility as both a snack and a meal, it seems like it all fell on deaf ears until Molly Yeh came out with this recipe. Now that Molly has drawn so much attention to popcorn, maybe people will realize that the fitness influencers were right.

Fans of ‘The Food Network’ and Molly have been both outraged and pleasantly surprised. Some fans even tried changing the recipe up to suit their tastes and have loved it. Finally, popcorn is getting the recognition it deserves.

However, there have been many scathing reviews saying that there is nothing good about this recipe. Some fans of Molly’s have even said that this is the worst recipe that she has made. Whether or not these people have tried the recipe is up for debate, but we‘re definitely going to try it soon!