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Exploring How To Exhibit Main Character Energy


September 12, 2021

Many trends fly around constantly. We would rather not know about some of them, and others are quite useful and can positively impact people’s lives. 

One of these is being the main character in your own life. It is a trend sweeping the internet that encourages people to take a leading role in their own daily lives. However, for some, it is more difficult than others. 

If you want to learn how to be the main character in your own life, this article will tell you all you need to know. 

It’s Not Constant

Being the main character in your life is constant. You are constantly and consistently yourself, so if you make yourself the main character of your life, that energy will be around constantly. 

However, living main character moments all day will not only be exhausting, but it will also ensure that you appear selfish to others and might even unintentionally harm others. 

Other Characters 

In every movie, there is the main character, and there are supporting characters that enrich the main character’s life without the main character having to ask. However, the main character is aware of these characters. 

To be a good main character, you need to be aware of the supporting characters in your life and allow them to play their roles and have their time in the limelight while remembering that they are the main characters of their movies. 

Self Care 

Practicing self-care is incredibly important, and to be a good main character, you need to practice self-care to feel good about yourself and for yourself. However, it can also be an excellent form of self-care itself. 

When you are feeling down, try to remember that you are the main character and act away. This will allow you to feel better about yourself and feel like any other self-care practice you have. 

Other Movies 

While it is important to remember the supporting characters in your story, it is also important to remember that other movies are going on at the same time as yours with many characters in them. 

In one of those movies, you might be a supporting character, and you must play your role in other people’s movies accordingly so that they can be their main character and yours. 


Social Media 

When watching a movie, you might be watching the main character, but the main character is being directed by somebody else on what to do. However, this is not always possible in your own life. 

You can post on social media to illustrate to others what is going on in your life. Still, it is also important to remember that you need to take moments to simply live your life without worrying about documenting every moment for social media.