Exploring Monodosing & Its Benefits For The Skin

Apr 10, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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Sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with skincare. At one moment, someone is releasing this; someone else is releasing that. It’s the wild wild west. However, if you do manage to hit gold, your skin will thank you for it.


So if you have heard of the term monodose beauty being bandied about and are wondering where you fit into this fancy science-y sounding equation, settle in. Monodosing is a process where the exact amount of a product is measured into a single-use.

Single-use doses, therefore, mean that you get the perfect amount of a product on your face instead of eyeballing or guessing. Great, now you got it, but we can still hear the resounding so-what, so here are the benefits of monodosing on the skin.

Keeps Your Skincare Fresh


Monodosing keeps your skincare as fresh as a farm to fork vegetable, which is to say, your skincare will be super fresh. A lot of the time, our skincare is exposed to oxygen and bacteria from continued use from the same packaging.

Monodosing eliminates the need for all that. The monodose packages’ contents are sealed in hermetic bags that keep the dirt and grime from colluding in the bottle, onto your fingers, and then onto a cleansed face. Talk about a breakout waiting to happen.

Keeps Your Skincare Potent


Many monodose products are preservative-free. However, this does not make them liable for accumulating bacteria, quite the opposite. Monodose packaging can keep volatile molecules from deteriorating.

Therefore, preservative-free monodose products can be more potent in their offerings than their preserved counterpart. Think of a vitamin C monodose product. If it lacks preservatives, you get a concentrated version of it. Consequently, a monodose product will act as super boosters when treating your skin concerns.

Helps Reduce Waste


Not necessarily skin-related but essential nonetheless. Monodose skincare company Noble Panacea estimates that a 50ml plastic bottle causes 15 times more pollution than 30 doses of their single-use serum.

Not all monodoses do so, but when the packaging is done right, monodose products are exceptionally environmentally friendly. Therefore as you use it on our skin, your actions go a long way towards battling environmental waste.

Disperses The Correct Amount

Lastly, monodoses are measured by the milligram required. Furthermore, they are measured down to the exact intended dose as mentioned above. Therefore, if you have been lost as to what exactly a dollop of moisturizer looks like, a monodose product will assist your skin to avoid deprivation.