Exploring Oracle Cards

If you are interested in the spiritual or supernatural world, you more than likely are interested in tarot cards and oracle cards. They are fascinating tools to help you connect with your higher self and help you to see where you might be stuck, and provide you with suggestions.

While tarot cards are generally cards that suggest solutions to any roadblocks that might be happening in your life at that time, oracle cards are slightly different. Oracle cards offer their own unique benefits in your life. 

We are going to be unpacking exactly what oracle cards are and what they can do for you. 

What Are Oracle Cards 


You have probably run into tarot and oracle cards a couple of times in your life, especially as spirituality becomes more commonplace in our modern world. Spreads are popping up all over social media, and the practice is becoming increasingly popular with time. 

Oracle cards are slightly different from tarot cards, though. You can think of them as the more relaxed version of a tarot spread. A tarot card reading has a few ‘rules.’ Generally, the cards all retain one kind of meaning, regardless of the reader’s interpretation, and there are specific spreads that you can use. Tarot cards also require a lot of practice to be able to read. 


Oracle cards are a little different in that you don’t need to practice reading them or have any kind of intuitive power to use an oracle card deck. Instead, Oracle cards are cards that you can use just for fun. 

What Are Their Uses 


While many people will go for a tarot card reading to assess a particular event in their life that they want to know how to deal with or seek advice about something recurring in their lives, oracle cards differ from this. 

Each of the cards in an oracle card deck will have the meaning of the card written on it plainly so that you can easily understand what the card means without having to use your intuition to decipher the message. This means that anybody can use an oracle card deck. 


The oracle decks can be used in a similar way to that of the tarot cards. For example, you can use an oracle deck to find out about a certain situation in your life by pulling whichever one of the cards speaks to you, but the reading will not be as thorough as that of a tarot spread. 

How Can You Use Them 


One of the best ways to do an oracle card reading is to meditate with the deck for a little while before shuffling and asking a question. You can ask specific questions, but you might not gain as much clarity if you ask specific questions. 

It is instead much better to ask general questions such as, “What do I need to know today?” and then pulling a card or two intuitively and reading the messages written upon them. This will allow you to gain some insight as well as some inspiration. 


The best part about oracle cards is that you can use them even if you are not on a spiritual path because they do not require any psychic or intuitive abilities. They are also an excellent starting point for those who have just begun their spiritual journey.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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