Exploring Possible Causes & Treatments For Eyebrow Breakouts

Pimples are a nightmare no one wants to deal with! And sometimes they pop out of nowhere in the darndest of places, making you feel so conscious of a space you can’t hide, especially in your eyebrows!

No one loves a breakout, but we know that clogged pores are a leading cause. And now that it’s summer, your skin’s brimming with oils, sweat, and dead skin cells that are waiting patiently to clog the pores on your forehead!

But other factors will leave you casualty to a breakout! Here’s all you need to know about an eyebrow breakout and how to get it under control!


Keeping your eyebrows in shape is a literal pain, especially when you’re maintaining them by threading, waxing, or even just plucking them out! When those hairs grow back, they sometimes get stuck and become ingrown hair!

That leaves you with a little nasty bump in your brow that can easily turn into a pimple! And even when you squeeze the hair out, it leaves an unsightly red mark!



Using a brow gel can clog those pores because of the silicone, dimethicone, and petroleum in the ingredients. If you’re using a gel every day, there’s a good chance of the product getting into your pores, so find products without those ingredients to save yourself from a breakout!



In frustration, we tend to rub our faces, and the dirt from our hands ends up getting transferred to our face! That can leave your pores clogged, not to mention the bacteria that sits on your skin waiting to wreak havoc!

But there’s also the issue of not doing enough when to keep our skin from breakouts. So make sure your brushes are clean, and fight the breakouts by exfoliating your skin often enough to keep your pores squeaky clean!


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The ancient Chinese belief is that your breakouts are caused by an imbalance in your body, usually caused by a bad diet. That means your body is filtering out toxins in your liver, and those toxins are coming out as a breakout!

You are what you eat, so you might want to take extra care with your diet. And keeping your skin hydrated from within by drinking more water could go a long way!


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For anyone with a uterus, the hormonal fluctuations are enough to set your skin ablaze with spots! This can happen around your period, during pregnancy, or even when you switch your birth control!

Treating Eyebrow Breakouts


You can try using a retinoid on your skin to help slough off the dead skin and clean your pores out. Using salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can clear out the black and whiteheads and control the bacteria and oil production on your face!

You can also try controlling your stress levels and giving your skin time to heal by avoiding picking at the pimples. But if your acne is hormonal, you might benefit from taking birth control to regulate your hormones!

The occasional breakout isn’t avoidable, even when you find the right routine for your skin! Just be extra gentle with your skin and let it heal, but don’t compromise on your skincare!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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