Exploring The Benefits of Dermaplaning.

With all the beauty trends circling the internet lately, it’s challenging to know which ones will work and which ones are just people with already perfect skin pretending to use certain products. Sifting through all of that information can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

While you should always consult a professional before considering any complicated beauty treatment (especially taking a razor to your face), you can learn about the benefits of certain products and procedures before you speak to them so that you know the right questions to ask. 

So we have compiled a list of the benefits of dermaplaning so that you can try and make an informed decision. 

Brighter Skin


We all want brighter and dewier skin, but it can be challenging to achieve. The products that seem to promise that outcome rarely deliver, and it’s challenging to figure out which products complement one another and which are an explosion waiting to happen. 

With dermaplaning, you can rest assured knowing that sometimes your skin will immediately be brighter and dewier, and other times it will take a day or two but will be brighter by the time your skin has rejuvenated. 



One of the things that give people pause when considering cosmetic treatments is the permanency of the procedure. Knowing that your appearance could be forever altered is daunting and can be a deciding factor in people’s procedures. 

The results of dermaplaning are temporary and will wear off in a couple of weeks, so if you do not enjoy the way your skin appears after the procedure or how your skin reacts to it, you only have to live with it for a couple of weeks. 



Exfoliating your facial skin can be a dangerous game. Many chemical products out there can burn your skin if misused, and we all know you should never put any type of exfoliating bead near your face. 

However, dermaplaning is a much safer way to exfoliate your skin. It removes all of the dead skin on your face and will allow for new, healthy skin to appear. It will also save you the hassle of trying to exfoliate your fave gently but effectively. 



Because all your dead skin will be removed when dermaplaning, your skin texture will be much smoother. Your skin will look rejuvenated and clear, almost as if you never knew what stress zits were. 

In order to keep your skin looking and feeling this way in the weeks leading up to your next dermaplaning session, it is vital that you avoid the sun and moisturize your skin properly after cleansing well. 



Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of dermaplaning is that all the peach fuzz on your face will be gone. You won’t have that little mustache anymore, nor will you have the cheek hair that your makeup seems to stick to. 

Your face will be completely hairless and will not grow back thicker or darker than it was before. Your makeup will sit on your skin better, and you will look and feel amazing. It will be the confidence boost you never knew you needed. 

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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