Exploring The Benefits Of DIY Foot Reflexology

It may sound very similar to a massage, but the primary difference between your run-on-the-mill foot rub and foot reflexology is intentionality. 

When it comes to reflexology, you’re applying pressure on specific parts of the foot or body to help soothe the corresponding other body parts. On the other hand, a regular massage is focused more on relaxing the body or easing tension or aches in the muscles.

Reflexology can include applying pressure on the hands, face, and ears too. However, foot reflexology is especially popular because of the high concentration of nerves making the area quite sensitive to touch.

About Foot Reflexology 


Certain parts of the body (reflex points) are believed to correspond to other inner body areas. Therefore, reflexology suggests that signals are sent to those internal organs and glands by applying pressure on these points. 

Foot reflexology relies on maps that reflect the reflex points on the foot and their corresponding organs and glands. While it might be gaining popularity today, the practice is nothing new and can be traced back centuries ago. Also, it’s is popular in Eastern medicine.

Benefits Of Foot Reflexology 


Foot reflexology is said to promote better quality sleep. For one, because the pressure can help relax and reduce stress which is beneficial for a good night’s rest, but relaxing the foot and then applying pressure on specific reflex points can promote deeper sleep.


Los Angeles-based chiropractic physician Dr. Dustin Martinez‘s research shows that reflexology may help digestion also. Martinez notes that when pressure is applied to the reflex point corresponding with the stomach, “it will increase blood flow to your stomach, helping to improve digestion.”


If you ever had a foot massage, including an indulgent self- massage, you might already be aware that applying pressure to the feet can feel relaxing and even help reduce symptoms of stress. Done regularly, it can be beneficial in helping you manage stress and putting your body in a relaxed state. 

Foot Reflexology At Home 


Again, it’s not about massaging the foot; instead, aim to apply pressure using the thumb and finger-walking techniques. You can do this by yourself as an addition to your self-care rituals or have your partner do it for some intimate bonding time.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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