Exploring The Benefits Of Kinesiology Tape for Pregnancy

Apr 04, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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Any pregnant woman will tell you that there is nothing worse than your belly and back feeling unsupported during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman needs something that will give her the support and comfort she needs in the late months of her pregnancy.


There are a few solutions that have been tried and tested by expectant moms around the world. Kinesiology tape has been one of the most effective ways that pregnant women have found relief.

We’re exploring how kinesiology tape works to support pregnant bellies.

What Is Kinesiology Tape?


Kinesiology tape is a type of elasticated tape that has similar elasticity to the skin. The tape is placed on the skin to treat and prevent injuries. It works by promoting better blood circulation in the area.

The tape lifts the skin slightly, which alleviates some pressure on the pain receptors in the area. Kinesiology tape can be used for multiple different reasons and on various species. More often than not, the tape is used on horses when used on animals.

Kinesiology Tape During Pregnancy


During the third trimester of pregnancy, it can begin to feel like everything hurts. Most significantly, your lower back and your groin muscles. The pain that is caused by these muscle aches is sometimes unbearable for expectant moms.

Kinesiology tape can help to alleviate all of the aches and pains associated with pregnant bellies. The tape helps to distribute the extra weight carried in your belly so that your back and groin aren’t under as much pressure.

Other Solutions


While some women may rejoice at the idea of kinesiology tape, some may not enjoy the idea of having tape on their body or can’t find the tape and a doctor who can correctly place the tape. This problem can be easily solved.

There are belly bands that expectant moms can purchase to offer the support that the kinesiology tape does. The only downside to a belly band is that to get the proper support, you need to spend a little more money to get a perfect one.

Whichever solution you choose is excellent because every mommy is allowed to make whatever decision fits her and her baby best.