Exploring The Benefits Of Mindfulness

Apr 23, 2021
03:00 A.M.
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Mindfulness is the new buzz word and even though mindfulness has been around for centuries, it’s been gaining attention in the last few years. Let’s explore the benefits of mindfulness?


Over the last 30 years, hundreds of studies have shown the benefits an individual might have once starting to apply mindfulness into their life. The pandemic skyrocketed anxiety and depression among people globally and mindfulness and meditation have been widely used as coping mechanisms.

From apps to books to online mindfulness courses, these techniques are now easily available for those willing to give it a shot. But do you know the benefits of mindfulness? Let’s explore them.

What’s Mindfulness?

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

But before diving deep into the benefits of practicing mindfulness, let’s first understand what mindfulness means. According to the magazine Mindful,” it is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.”

In other words, it means to become aware of your thoughts, actions and feelings without judging them.

It Reduces Stress Levels

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash


According to many studies conducted around the health benefits of mindfulness practice, fighting stress is one of the key advantages. Many people are dealing with some level of stress — from low energy levels, poor sleep, headaches to anxiety.

Mindfulness can also help alleviate stress by increasing resilience and providing the individual to handle emotions and stress better.

It Improves Overall Health

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash


Overall health and well-being are positively impacted by mindfulness. Since mindfulness involves bringing attention to the present moment, being mindful allows the individual to become aware of their actions, from making healthier choices like being more physically active and eating more nutritious food.

It Can Help Fight Depression

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

Someone dealing with depression may use mindfulness as a supplemental treatment. Through enhancing practitioners’ ability to regulate their emotions — when experiencing a negative emotion, they can acknowledge it, accept it instead of fighting against it.


How To Practice Mindfulness?

Photo by Asap Story on Unsplash

Photo by Asap Story on Unsplash

As the simple act of being in the present moment, mindfulness meditation is just one way of doing it. You can engage in a mindful walk, mindful eating, or start your meditation practice using guided meditation.

You can start slow, just practicing 5 minutes every day, and once you’re more comfortable with it, increase it to 10 minutes. Over time, you’ll notice how effortless mindfulness becomes.

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”


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