Exploring The Benefits Of Rice Water In Your Beauty Routine

May 14, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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We are constantly looking for the subsequent affordable DIY beauty treatment that we can carry out from the comfort of our couches to save both our wallets and our sanity. Fortunately, we live in an age where there is a constant stream of such tutorials.


One of the newest DIY beauty treatments that has been circulating on social media is the use of rice water in your beauty routine. Rice water has many benefits when used in your beauty routine.

We decided to take a look at exactly what those benefits are and how to achieve them.

Brighter Skin



Rinsing your skin with rice water once you have cleansed might lead to you having brighter and dewier skin. You can simply rinse your face with rice water after a gentle cleanse once a day, or you can use other techniques.


Keeping some rice water in a spray bottle in a cool, dry place to use as a facial spritzer throughout the day is another method of using rice water to brighten your skin. If you use this technique, make sure that you don’t have any makeup on.


While spritzing rice water onto your skin or using rice water as a facial rinse can brighten your skin and make it appear dewier, it also has anti-aging properties that can be gained from using rice water in your beauty routine.

Rice water contains many antioxidants that can assist in stopping elastase, which is the enzyme that breaks down the elastin in your skin, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

Healthy Hair

While you can use rice water to rinse your skin, it is even better as a hair rinse. You can wash your hair as usual and then rinse it with rice water once you have rinsed your conditioner out, or you can rinse your hair with rice water before washing it.


Either method will be effective in your hair becoming shinier, stronger, and even possibly growing more quickly than it did before. It will also detangle your hair by making it smoother.

Skin Healing

If you suffer from skin ailments such as eczema or contact dermatitis, you know the burning itching pain that constantly plagues the area where the skin ailment is. You know the feeling of scratching the skin until it is raw.

However, simply applying some rice water to the area could calm the skin ailment down. While it is not a permanent fix, it is a temporary remedy that might remove some of the redness and ease the itching for a little while.

Sunburn Remedy

Similarly to the easing of skin ailments, you can use rice water to ease sunburn. When it is combined with other plant extracts, it can even be used as a semi-effective sunscreen. However, it is probably best not to use it for that purpose.


If you do get a bad sunburn, you can spray some rice water onto the sunburned area to help relieve the burning hot sensation temporarily and ensure that the skin in the sunburned area heals better.