Exploring The Causes Of Greasy Hair

Nothing ruins going out like greasy hair! For some people, it’s like the grease never goes away, even after a wash. Because what do you do with greasy hair when you’re already one foot out the door?

We all would love to make only a few touchups to our hair as part of our routine before leaving the house. But the truth is looking the part that requires a bit of commitment.

And when you have greasy hair it feels like every time you have somewhere to be! So what could be the cause of your greasy hair, and how can you avoid it?

1. Washing It Too Much


Yes, there is such a thing as washing your hair too often! That’s because your shampoo strips away the oils your scalp is producing, which makes your scalp feel dry.

But the shampoo you’re using could also be an issue. If it’s stripping the natural oils and drying out your scalp, it can make your scalp produce more oil making your hair greasier!

You can start easing yourself into fewer wash days so your hair can adjust its oil production. You can also benefit from using a sulfate-free shampoo because it doesn’t strip your hair from the natural oils, and it isn’t too harsh on your scalp!

2. Using A Lot Of Product


Hair products that contain silicone or oil can make your hair greasy, especially when you’re using copious amounts of these products! They can also block the glands on your scalp that produce oil and encourage you to produce more oil!

You can be using too much conditioner on your hair, especially on the roots! You should save the conditioner for the ends that need the moisture because the oils at the top have the roots covered!

3. Stress


Just like stress can lead to a breakout by increasing oil production, it can do the same by making your hair greasy! So if you’re going through a particularly stressful time, try keeping yourself calm and working through your stress so you can put off the wash a day longer!

4. Your Hair Type


With straight hair and loose waves, the oil can travel down your hair strands pretty easily, which is why your hair might look greasier in a few days. But with curly hair, it’s a lot more curls to go around, and that’s why your hair doesn’t look as greasy!

5. Touching Your Hair Too Much


Have you taken note of how often you fix your hair? Because the oils from your hands, especially on your fingertips, get into your hair and make it look greasy.

All the touching can make your hair greasy in a short while. So try and practice some self-control and not touch your hair after you’ve styled it!

6. Your Pillowcase


Your pillowcase, like the rest of your linen, should be washed at least once a week. The oils, product, and sweat from your head get trapped on the pillowcase, and every time you rest your head directly on the pillowcase, it transfers the oils onto your clean hair.

7.  Diet And Hormones


For women, oil production is mediated by hormone fluctuations. So you might experience greasy hair days during your menstrual cycle, while you’re pregnant, and especially during puberty!

Remember that your body is an extension of the things that you eat, and greasiness can be a sign of a bad diet or too much omega-3s. So work on adjusting your diet to something better suited to your skin and hair care needs!

You can try your best to avoid your hair becoming greasy, but there is no sure way to prevent it. Sometimes especially in the heat, you have to embrace your grease and just toss your hair in a bun!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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