Exploring the 'Cruella Hair' Trend

May 25, 2021
11:00 A.M.
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During the summer, many people start to experiment with color. There can be experimentation anywhere from nails and hair to clothing and homes. Something about summer inspires people to bring more color into their lives.


The latest hair trend that is circling the beauty world is quite the antithesis to the theme of bringing more color into your life, though. While it is quite the hairstyle to experiment with, it is also relatively void of vibrant colors.

We’re taking a look at the Cruella hair trend to see how you can achieve it.

Black and White


The original trend started with people splitting their hair color. The left side of their hair was one color, and the right side was another. The colors were usually black and blonde, which inspired the name ‘Cruella Hair.’

The trend was reminiscent of the cartoon villain for a while because of the colors and style. However, as trends do, this trend evolved into something more than simply ‘Cruella Hair’ over time.


Eventually, people started to experiment with the style to see what worked for them. We started to see people splitting their hair unevenly or splitting their hair so that the top was black and the underside was blonde or vice versa.

Each of the hairstyles that came from this trend was getting better and better as time wore on, and it quickly became popular to have this sort of hair. You will now be able to see this trend in many people.


However, the trend being a summer trend could not stay black and white (or black and blonde) forever, and it evolved into something quite colorful.



As the trend gained popularity and begun evolving, people started to experiment even more with it. The color wheel opened up drastically for this hairstyle, and the trend is now filled with colors perfect for summer.

The trend fundamentals remain the same, but now there is more room for color and experimentation than ever before. You can now wear this trend with a multitude of colors, whether they complement each other or not.

Since the trend has begun to incorporate more color is has become known as the ‘Split-Hair’ trend instead of ‘Cruella Hair’ because of the colors that are being seen in the trend. The trend looks great in an updo or let's loose if it is split down the middle.