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Exploring The Determental Effects Of Cancel Culture


April 27, 2021

You have undoubtedly come across one or two celebrities or public figures being ‘canceled.’ It has become common practice for one person or a group of people to pick a public figure whose actions they disagree with and ‘cancel’ them. 

Celebrities’ careers and livelihoods are constantly being jeopardized by people trying to cancel them without understanding the consequences of the cancel culture for the targeted people. 

We’re taking a look at what cancel culture is and how it affects the people being targeted

What Is Cancel Culture 

Cancel culture is the act of a person or a group of people calling celebrities or public figures out for something that that person or group of people deems unacceptable and wrong. Whether or not the star has committed a devastating faux pas is subjective. 

Cancel culture is based purely on the feelings of one person or group of people. Often, there are some facts behind the person’s actions that are being targeted. However, the people targeting the celeb often exacerbate the issue beyond what it should be. 

How Does It Affect The Target

To any person, it would be devastating to be ‘canceled,’ but because the cancel culture targets mainly celebs, the repercussions of cancel culture can feel all the more serious. Celebrities’ careers are put on the line because of their perceived threat to society.

While it would be acceptable to want to ‘cancel’ celebs who have done something wrong, like child grooming or sexual misconduct, it, unfortunately, does not stop there, and there are celebs who have been ‘canceled’ for something that is not worth jeopardizing someone’s career over. 

‘Canceling’ celebs may cut off their only resources and their sources of income. This endangers their families and livelihoods and creates an environment where anybody is at risk of being randomly canceled by one disgruntled person. These people often do not understand their effect because they don’t see celebrities as real people. 

Who Has Been Targeted 

Over the years, many celebs have been targeted by cancel culture. While it was justified in some cases, it was simply an act of attempting to ruin a celeb’s career because the person or people did not like that celebrity.


Eminem, Dr. Seuss, Disney Classic Movies, and Gina Carano are just a few of the big names and celebrities that have been targeted by cancel culture and have faced massive backlash because of it.

These people and institutions have been negatively affected by the canceled culture exacted upon them and have faced character defamation. The reputations of these people have now been forever altered because of the frivolous actions of one person or a group of people who did not understand the effect they could have on someone’s life.