Exploring The Differences Between Angel Cards And Tarot Cards

Holistic health has become extremely popular over the last couple of years, and with it have come the trends of tarot card readings and seeing mediums to connect with people who have passed away. 

However, there is still not much understood about this world, and many people are fascinated by it all. One of the things that fascinate us the most is the different kinds of card readings you can get. 

We’ve decided to break down the major differences between angel cards and tarot cards. 



While tarot cards are used as a prediction tool for the future, fleshing out possibilities as to what might happen in your future and sharing ways to better it, angel cards are used in a much different way. 

Angel cards are used to find out from your angels what you need to do in your current life without touching on your future at all. An angel card will generally share wisdom for your current situation. 



Tarot cards have been used more for predictions and as a way to tell you what might be going on in your life and why it might be happening that way because of the things you have experienced in your past. 

While that is a great tool, angel cards focus more on your current situation in that the card that you pull will represent what is going on in your life right at that moment and what you should do about it. 

One Meaning 


Tarot is interpretative. Many different people interpret tarot cards in different ways and have assigned their own meanings to the cards over the years, which helps them to understand the cards that are pulled. 

However, angel cards are simpler in that only one card gets pulled, and it has one specific meaning that you must follow and ascribe to. In this way, angel cards are easier to read than tarot cards. 



To use tarot cards, you must have a strong intuition and flesh out the meaning of the cards by tuning into the person whose reading you’re doing’s energy and finding what the cards mean to them personally. 

An angel card is much more generalized, and there needs to be no meaning ascribed to any of the cards as the meaning is already there, and your only job is to make sure that the person you are reading knows what the wisdom shared is. 



Because you need strong intuition to read tarot, you need to have a certain level of spiritual knowledge that you can use. Not everybody can read tarot, and even those with strong intuition might take years to develop their skills. 

The great thing about angel cards is that it requires no specific skillset and anybody can draw angel cards even if they are not particularly intuitive or psychic. In this way, angel cards are much more accessible.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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